Davis Cup group game with Germany: schedule, placement, opponents, players, fashion, TV broadcast and livestream

With the 110th edition of the Davis Cup, the most relevant team competition in tennis enters the next round. Schedule, location, opponent, player, fashion, TV broadcast and livestream – SPOX gives you the most important information about the tournament, in which the German tennis aces also participate.

The Davis Cup, a tennis competition in which players from all over the world compete against each other on their national team, enters its 110th round. After the qualifying phase is over, the 16 nations participating in the group game are decided. Defending champions Russia are not allowed to participate this year due to the war of aggression in Ukraine. This also applies to the team from Belarus.

Tennis – Davis Cup group game with Germany: Schedule, venue, opponents, players, condition

One of the 16 nations that will join in September when the group stage starts is the German national tennis team under the leadership of Olympic champion Alexander Zverev. The Germans secured their place in the tournament with a 3-1 victory over Brazil in the qualifiers.

Tennis – Davis Cup group game with Germany: schedule

The Davis Cup 2022 will be divided into two major tournament sections: the group stage and the knockout stage. The group game takes place from the 14th to the 18th of September. The knockout phase is scheduled for 23-27. November.

Tennis – Davis Cup group game with Germany: Venue

Several European cities act as venues – one per. group. It will be played at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, Italy, the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland, the Stadion am Hamburger Rothenbaum in Germany, the Pavello Municipal Font de Sant Lluis in Valencia, Spain and the Martin Carpena Arena in Malaga, Spain.

Tennis – Davis Cup group game with Germany: opponents

The Davis Cup rankings on March 7 were used as a basis for drawing the groups. In this ranking, led by last year’s finalist Croatia, Germany was fifth. The German team was finally drawn into Group C, where the opponents are France, Belgium and Australia. The Group C matches all take place in Hamburg. Thus, the German team enjoys home advantage three times for the group stage.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Croatia Spain France USA
Italy Canada Germany Great Britain
Argentina Serbia Belgium Kazakhstan
Sweden South Korea Australia Netherlands

Tennis – Davis Cup group game with Germany: players

Germany’s number one Alexander Zverev will compete for Team Germany in his hometown of Hamburg in 2022 after not being there last year. “I not only want to take an active part in it, I also want to be intensely involved in the event,” the 25-year-old said, adding: “With home advantage behind them, Germany have a great chance of making it into the final tournament.”

Captain Michael Kohlmann’s team will complete – if no injury or the like prevents their participation before then – in all likelihood Jan-Lennard Struff and the double duo Kevin Krawietz and Tim Pütz.

Tennis – Davis Cup group game with Germany: state

Compared to last year, there are a few innovations in terms of condition. No longer 18, but 16 nations participate in the Davis Cup. The reduction in the number of participants also affects the group formation. The 16 nations that advanced to the group stage are divided into four groups of four instead of six groups of three.

The free-for-all mode is used in the respective groups. The two best teams in each group, ie eight in total, then advance to the Davis Cup final, which takes place in November 2022. It then continues with the knockout phase: with quarterfinals, semifinals and finally the final of the Davis Cup title 2022

Three matches are played per. battle between two teams, i.e. nation 1 against nation 2: two singles and a double. If you win at least two of them, you win the whole clash. To win a match – whether you are single or double – you need two successful sets. All of this applies not only to the group stage, but also to the knockout matches.

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