25 good alternatives to the gym (list)

It does not always have to be the gym around the corner. Photo: SeventyFour / shutterstock.com

In this article, we present 25 alternatives to the gym that you can use to train your endurance and strength.

With their wide range of exercise equipment, fitness studios offer ideal conditions for training the body holistically. Neither strength nor endurance is neglected. Many studios also offer extras such as a swimming pool or sauna. However, there are drawbacks to a gym: membership fees, long contracts, or the fact that they get crowded during peak periods. So if you are looking for an alternative, you are sure to find it on our list.

1. The best alternative: the home gym

A home gym does not have to be an inferior gym if you buy the equipment you need. Although it requires a little space, planning and money, you are very flexible with the training times and only pay for what you spend. Even with a little space, you can set up a functional home gym. Because you can get a space-saving multi-gym from around € 600 on Amazon (DISPLAY).

2. The greatest possible flexibility: bodyweight training

You do not need more than your own body weight for a demanding workout. You can do push-ups, pull-ups and squats anywhere. It can all be rounded off with jogging so that endurance is not neglected. It is true that bodyweight training is not suitable for building large mountains of muscle. But if you just want to stay in shape, you do not need to spend money.

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3. Street Workout: Calisthenics Park

In every major city there is now a calisthenics park with pull-up bars, dip bars and other equipment open to the public. In principle, you get a free outdoor gym here, which is open 24 hours a day. The exercises are a little more demanding, but even beginners can complete a challenging workout with the support of resistance bands (buy on Amazon / AD) and other gadgets. You can find out where the nearest park is in your area on this page.

4. Space-saving but demanding: Kettlebells

No space and still want for weight training? Then you should consider getting kettlebells. The spherical dumbbells make it possible to strengthen the whole body and train endurance at the same time. To start with, two dumbbells weighing between 12 and 16 kg are usually enough (buy on Amazon / DISPLAY). To make it easier to get started, you can get an exercise book with tips, exercises and workouts. For newcomers, the book “The Great Kettlebell Training Book” (DISPLAY) by Dr. To Sukopp.

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5. A cheap alternative: Sling Trainer

A sling trainer basically consists of two long straps with handles at the end. It can be attached to hooks in the ceiling, trees or other stable objects. A full body workout can be completed with the sling trainer. Although the range of exercises does not match the gym and it is difficult to vary the resistance, a sling trainer is still a cost-effective alternative. Entry-level models are available from around € 40 on Amazon (ADVERTIES). The book “50 Workouts – Sling Training” (DISPLAY) by Marcell Doll can help you get started.

6. Almost forgotten, but still good: fitness trails

Fitness trails were extremely popular in the 1970s and 80s and then fell into oblivion. But in many cities, there are still intact hold-fit tracks on which you can train strength and endurance. And it’s completely free. In addition, the exercises are usually explained with signs at the individual stations, so that even beginners can get started immediately. You can find out where the nearest fitness trail is here.

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7. Hardcore Gym: CrossFit Boxing

CrossFit is not for the casual athlete who just wants to train once in a while. But if working out in the gym is too boring for you, you can try a CrossFit box as an alternative. However, membership usually costs more than in the gym, and training times are often less flexible. On the other hand, the sense of community in group training is usually much better and more motivating.

Work out in the outdoor gym

The Outdoor Gym company offers outdoor training to its members in many major cities in Germany. The units are always led by a trainer, so they are similarly demanding. Each workout can be different and often improvised. So if you like to work out outside and together in a group, you can try the outdoor gym as an alternative to the gym.

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9. Simple movement: Movnat

The idea behind Movnat is only to train the body through natural movements. A unit can therefore consist of jumping, running, crawling, crawling or swinging and takes place primarily in nature. It can all seem a bit esoteric to an outsider, but combining time in nature with exercise is a beautiful thing in itself.

10. Electrifying training: EMS

EMS is an acronym for Electromyostimulation, a training method that uses targeted current to pass through the muscles to create a contraction. The small electric shocks are said to have the same effect on the muscles as strength training. Everyone should find out for themselves whether EMS is actually an alternative to the gym.

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11. Free and effective: Yoga

Yoga can also be an alternative to the gym when it comes to keeping the body fit and supple. There are a number of tutorials on the internet that make it easier to get started, and all you need to get started is a yoga mat (buy on Amazon / AD). Of course, yoga can not be compared to heavy weight training, but one should not underestimate the challenge.

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If none of the above fitness alternatives appealed to you, you can find something in the list below that appeals to you more.

12. rucking

13. Jogging

14. Hoppetov


16. Boxing

17. Swimming

18. Zumba

19. Football

20. Tennis

21. Basketball

22. Handball

23. Gymnastics

24. Walking

25. Hiking

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