Yoga Challenge: How can I practice yoga for 30 days?

Updated on 26/08/2020 at 17:15

Doing yoga every day for 30 days certainly sounds like a big challenge to many. And so it is – even for people who practice yoga regularly.

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Yoga has many positive health effects: Yoga exercises not only strengthen the holistic body with its ligaments and muscles, but also support inner balance. Especially with a daily yoga exercise, you can clearly feel the positive effect on your own health: neck pain disappears, back pain subsides, sleep problems or stress are handled better and you generally feel more fit.

If you manage a challenge in 30 days, you have conditioned your body and brain to such an extent that the daily yoga practice becomes routine and can be part of everyday life as a matter of course even after the challenge. But how does a 30-day yoga challenge really work?

Information about Yoga Challenge

There are many reports and blog posts about Yoga challenges on the internet. Mady Morrison, for example, has been presenting her 30-day challenge online, on her blog and in YouTube videos for a long time now.

The young yoga teacher puts together a daily yoga training session that increases by small steps until the challenge is completed. Each video has a different focus and focuses on a specific area of ​​the body or impact. During the Yoga Challenge, not only are the individual exercises explained and demonstrated with precise instructions, but the positive effects are also explained.

But can you really do yoga every day? The answer is definitely yes. A daily yoga workout benefits the body and mind in the long run. Even chronic ailments can be effectively combated and remedied if you consciously dedicate yourself to your body with yoga exercises every day. After a successful 30-day yoga challenge, the daily yoga class becomes a kind of automatism that you can perform and maintain without much effort.

In addition to Mady Morrison’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge 2020, there are also challenges from 2019 and other years that can be completed for free online. Under the hashtag #yogamitmady you can also see posts from other yoga practitioners and share your own experiences.

If you prefer an English-language yoga program, you can subscribe to Adriene Mishler’s Challenge. The Texas-based yoga teacher has a community of six million followers who practice yoga with Adrienes (“Yoga with Adriene”) free YouTube videos.

Who can take part in the challenge?

Virtually anyone who wants to accomplish the task healthily and do something good for his body and mind and has a good portion of endurance can complete a yoga challenge.

The 30-Day Yoga Challenges by Mady Morrison and Adriene Mishler caters to both beginners and experienced yogis and yogis who like to face challenges.

The daily yoga program takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes, with sessions lasting between 45 and 60 minutes on weekends. You can do asanas and breathing exercises conveniently anywhere. Besides a smartphone, tablet or laptop to play the challenge videos, you only need a yoga mat and depending on your needs gym blocks, straps and a seat cushion.

Tips for 30 days of yoga challenge

Challenges are more fun together – and the chance of persevering increases. In addition to an online community that exchanges ideas and motivates each other, it also helps tackle the challenge with a friend, partner or the whole family. A yoga challenge for two or four people can even be completed at the same time with a flexible schedule.

Another tip for overcoming the yoga challenge is to take care of your body. Every day the body is in a different state and sometimes more, sometimes less flexible or resilient.

It is especially important with a daily yoga workout to respect your own physical limits. In addition, the exercises are performed without a yoga teacher – this can often lead to incorrect posture. You should keep this in mind during your daily training.

Another trick to staying through the yoga challenge is to offer yourself a reward. How about a new yoga mat or a new water bottle? After completing the Yoga Challenge program, one can also treat oneself to an extra gift.

Positive effects of Yoga Challenge

Daily yoga has many positive effects on health and everyday life – and the challenge guarantees daily yoga practice. The body gains more strength and flexibility through the extra movement, stretching and muscle building.

Through the yoga poses, you also learn to focus better and to focus your concentration. This often relieves tension in the neck and shoulder area, and chronic back pain also subsides.

Yoga also has positive effects on the psyche. Through the breathing and meditation exercises, you consciously allow yourself more rest and learn to handle stressful situations better. Through the Yoga Challenge, you can also achieve a better body awareness, which also has a positive impact on other areas of life such as work, partnership and family through more self-confidence and serenity. So it is worth staying true to yoga even after a 30-day yoga challenge and integrating a daily workout into your daily routine.


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