Werder Bremen: This is what Mitchell Weiser says about non-vaccination!

Bremen – Mitchell Weiser’s performance had been eagerly awaited. Much has been written about him lately, and he rarely spoke in public. A few short interviews after the recent matches in SV Werder Bremen – that’s it.

There is an absolute need to speak. About a possible place to stay SV Werder Bremen e.g. Or about his current form. And about his life as an unvaccinated professional. In that regard, there was a lot to work on when the professional showed up for a digital media round at Weser Stadium on Tuesday. Mitchell Weiser about…

… a fixed change:

“Of course I could imagine that,” he says Mitchell Weiser. “But right now – and I’ve already experienced a lot in my career – I do not really know what next year will be. There are opportunities, but nothing has been decided yet. I can imagine everything, but of course it also has something to do with promotion. ” The 28-year-old is currently on from Bayer 04 Leverkusen Werder Bremen Borrowed. And as there is probably little interest in continuing employment with the Bundesliga club, a permanent change at Osterdeich is now in the air. If the framework conditions are correct.

… waiver of salary:

“Of course I would also give up money – but what does it really mean to give up?” emphasizes the right wing. “money does not really matter that much. ” After the recent good performances, however, it would not be unusual if other clubs Werder Bremen would compete. “I do not know who is interested. I do not even know if Werder wants it or not,” said the former Hertha player. “I have no idea, but it’s not a problem either. Last time I also decided to get here in 15 minutes. ”

Werder Bremen: Mitchell Weiser talks about his season so far and quarantine phases

… his season so far:

The winged racer also needed a lot of patience to cope Werder Bremen To find a way. “I always believe in myself and it was like that at all stages. Anything can happen there, ”explains Weiser. “I know that if you believe in yourself and work, you can always move forward. I did that every day here. It is certainly not always easy mentally. It was not fun just hanging out at home in quarantine, but there were some things I could not control. “

… the quarantine phases:

Weiser went through the domestic isolation several times. When unvaccinated professional of SV Werder Bremen he should be quarantined as a precautionary measure if a teammate became infected. “I’m proud I went this route, which was not easy either,” he says Mitchell Weiser. “So am I: I always stand by what I believe and do not let myself be defeated – no matter who. There were certain rules and that was why I was in quarantine. “

Werder Bremen: Mitchell Weiser is only talking about his non-vaccination

… the reasons for his non-vaccination:

A lot has happened since then, the Corona rules have been changed. Quarantines for contacts are currently no longer provided for in the Bremen State Executive Order. It now means even more freedom too Mitchell Weiser. From the end of December and finally from January he “news” still that he was considered healthy after two own infections. According to the Infection Control Act, this status is valid at national level for 90 days – starting on the 28th day after infection. However, he no longer has to worry about the end of the period.

To the background of his non-vaccination he now expressed himself for the first time – albeit in a very cryptic way: “I would like to talk about it, but we do not have much time here, nor do I feel so much like doing it this way. . ” So he gave no details. “Anyone who knows me personally knows why and how. I need say no more about that.”

… euphoria and serenity:

He was more willing to provide information Werder Bremen It’s on. After the victory in Schalke, there is great euphoria, the dream of promotion lives on in Bremen. Only players and those responsible remain consciously calm. “We have had the same mindset throughout the second half of the season: we just watched from match to match. It has now become a habit, and therefore we are only concentrating on Kiel now,” said Weiser. “We knew right after Schalke- the fight, that the victory was very important, but that it did not decide anything. “

Werder Bremen is a special club for Mitchell Weiser – enthusiasm in the city is “really fun”

… the difference between the 1st and 2nd leagues:

Ought to Werder Bremen actually winning against “Storks”, the return to the German royal house is finally within reach. and Mitchell Weiser know that a huge challenge would await Werder. “The game is much faster in the Premier League. I saw a few scenes against Schalke again, the game was very wide and open. In the Bundesliga you have much less space, everything is more compact,” he said, describing the main differences. “But we have enough players who know that too. “

… Werder Bremen’s special:

During his career Mitchell Weiser met a number of professionals and clubs, played in Cologne and Munich, among other places. But Werder Bremen is also something special for him compared to previous positions: “I enjoy getting into the locker room every day. Right from the start, even when things did not go so well, there was a difference between Leverkusen or Hertha.” The support from the stands also played a big role. “We had it not only before Schalke, but also before it Ultras told us something about the next match – I have not experienced that before either,” Weiser admitted. “It’s really fun at the moment. experience this enthusiasm in the city, which pushes you and the whole team even more. ” (mbü) Have you read it? Jiri Pavlenka promises contract extension with Werder Bremen in case of promotion!

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