Top 7: The best fitness channels on YouTube

Although it’s top notch, not everyone can afford a personal trainer. There is free coaching for training, nutrition and motivation on countless fitness channels on YouTube. But who really has what it takes, adequate fitness expertise and empathy? We present to you what we think are the top 7 fitness channels on YouTube – for both women and men.

Just pumping, going to fitness class or club sports? You can do it that way, but then it just is not hip. And not holistically effective. Today, anyone who cares about themselves and their fitness goals hires a personal trainer. He not only trains the weaker himself, but also has the right training for any problem area, including a change in diet, and always has an open ear. The complete carefree fitness package also easily costs 60 to 90 euros per hour. Of course, you can also simply download a fitness app or complete an online fitness program. But when it comes to sweat and tears, sometimes it just needs real personalities with heart and humor. The fit creators we are introducing are a great place to start and cost nothing. The girls and boys not only have a lot of power and charisma, but also really know what they are doing.

World record holder Sophia Thiel chats from the sewing box

Anyone interested in fitness now also knows Sophia Thiel, Germany’s most successful fitness influencer. Her well-founded workouts and tips are for women, but anyone who thinks about gentle abdominal, leg and bald aerobics is wrong: Sophia Thiel really has it, whether it’s heavy weights, small appliances, everyday items or no exercise equipment at all. Of course, she also has the right answer on YouTube for all parts of the body, fitness questions and meal. Here, the smart blonde is always in the best mood and anything but artificial. In a video, she chats out of the box, how she herself worked from the chubby student to the bodybuilder and Germany’s number one fitness icon – today she makes a living from her fitness program, her YouTube channel with around 787,000 subscribers and public TV appearances. By the way, in the summer Sophia set a new world record at World Fitness Day in Frankfurt with the biggest live training. Here comes their amazing pair training, which is not just for strong girls:

Fit and happy with yoga – and the beautiful Mady Morrison

Anyone who has ever attended a yoga class knows that the chemistry with the teacher simply has to be right so that you feel comfortable and can internalize the asanas properly. And Mady Morrison is not only a certified yoga teacher and imaginative blogger, she also has an amazing charisma: With her cheerful and balanced nature, the Berliner will teach you the perfect handstand in no time at all or take you on a meditative yoga flow journey. Depending on the type of yoga and exercise, you can use her YouTube channel to build muscle, find your balance and lose fat. In addition to tutorials for individual yoga asanas, you will also find lots of tips, morning routines, yoga drinks and the latest sweaty HIIT training – almost 107,000 followers like it.

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Yoga Energy Vinyasa Flow | belly legs buttocks | Full body workout

Training, motivation and self-love with Lu Dellert’s “FitTrio”

Louisa Dellert is the mind and body behind the YouTube blog “Fit Trio”: Here, the native of Hamburg presents small workouts for anyone who wants to stay in shape regularly at home without the big effort and equipment. With her training, she caters primarily to beginners and anyone who is tired of body shaming – for all her channels are about honest self-love, feminism and motivation. She sees herself as an “anti-diet fitness blogger” and stands by small belly folds, dents or scars. It has not always been like that, but a hard learning process because Lou used to be anorexic and now wants to encourage other women to acquire healthy eating habits and accept their own body. Nearly 35,000 subscribers follow her. A visit to her blog is also worth it, because here you can finally find delicious recipes with carbohydrates!

“BodyKiss” workout after work and delicious fitness recipes without stress

On the channel “Bodykiss” you will find workouts between five and 30 minutes, which you can still manage even after a long day. This will increase fat burning and just make you feel better afterwards. Don’t worry, gymnast Anne Kissner understands your weaker self – she’s a lawyer and has to get back together in the evening. It was only during her stressful studies that she realized she needed an active balance, even though, according to her own statement, she was never particularly athletic. That has changed: For two years, she has run the YouTube channel with more than 362,000 followers along with her friend Daniel Henninger, who is a business IT specialist and now also has her own body shaping program. On her blog, she also presents great recipes for those with a sweet tooth. Here, too, you can invite your partner directly to the fitness mat: Anne and Daniel also do sports together in many fitness videos.

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Home training – Warm-up – Fat burning – Full body training in 20 minutes – HIIT

“The Savior of the Thin,” Flavio Simonetti, makes men strong

Flavio Simonetti claims to be “Germany’s first fitness youtuber” – and “the savior of the thin”. With a body weight of only 56 kilos, he was quite lean at the beginning of his fitness career. He now shows slim boys how they can become more muscular with exercise and the right diet – and how they can grow as people. He sees himself as a “natural athlete” who makes other men strong, trains properly, makes the best of himself, does not speak ill of others and does not use excuses. He has been spreading these values ​​since 2014 with his “Team Flavio”, which many successful athletes have joined. In addition, with its “Coach Carter” app, he offers fitness programs and modified workout plans for the gym as a subscription. You can get his well-founded basic knowledge of training and muscle building, nutrition and shopping tips, training, challenges and pure motivation for beginners to advanced users for free on YouTube.

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Any BEANSTALK should buy this!

“Goeerki” provides fun insights into his everyday life as a bodybuilder

The smart sports and fitness businessman Christoph Gehrke aka “Goeerki” has been sharing his broad coaching knowledge on YouTube for six years now. His more than 1,100 fitness videos impress with their ingenuity and wit – and more than 197,000 interested people follow his channel. The Berlin bodybuilder is no joker – at most a small poser. But hey, he can afford it. After a short and easy-to-understand explanation, it goes directly to the bacon, which is very pleasant. It does not matter if you are looking for crisp short workouts with dumbbells or barbells or want to get a wide chest and strong arms using simple everyday items: Goeerki gets it done in its charming way. He also answers popular fitness questions, has nutrition tips, provides insight into his everyday life as a bodybuilder and meets other fitness experts for new training impulses.

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Easy but hard – chest training at home | Goerki

“Coach Stef” inspires with hard freestyle exercises and fascia training

Stefan Weissgerber aka “Coach Stef” is a physiotherapist and experienced personal trainer – for example by the American rapper “The Game”. He also launched his own fitness program in his hometown of Heilbronn, “60 Days of Fitness”. On his video blog, which is followed by about 13,000 people, Stef shows some pretty cool exercises for strong arms, a tight chest, a strong back and a rock-hard stomach. Below you will find trainings you can participate in with and without training equipment, as well as technique tutorials. Neck or back pain? Stef shows how to remedy them with foam rollers. But what inspired us the most was his hard fitness exercises for a strong core – do not be put off, he also has beginner training up his sleeve:

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TOP 11 abdominal exercises for a rock hard sixpack and a functional CORE | stomach variants

Conclusion: Fitness channels are great if you keep a few things in mind

Whichever fitness channel you choose: Ultimately, you are alone when it comes to performing the exercises correctly. So take a good look and pay attention to your body: Sometimes it’s worth investing in personal training to get started – especially if you’re just started or have injuries. In addition, one should not forget that most influencers also want to sell something, promote products or themselves. Anyone who has a critical perspective here can only really win: in muscle, in fitness, in fitness knowledge and in self-confidence.

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