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Eintracht Frankfurt meet West Ham United in the Europa Cup semi-final. The Hammers star can not even tie his shoes, the most famous fan has been a breast sponsor, and the anthem is a real show. This is West Ham United.

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Eintracht Frankfurt before the semi-final against West Ham United

Home match from 25.04.

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Following the festival against FC Barcelona, ​​Eintracht Frankfurt will face West Ham United in the semi-finals of the Europa League. The first stage takes place on Thursday (21.00, live on hr-iNFO and in the audio stream). in London, a week later, access to the final in Frankfurt should be perfect. But who is West Ham United anyway?

The Union

In principle, the Bundesliga is the league of working clubs, but if you look closer at the English upper house, there are also numerous clubs in the Premier League that started as a company team. Arsenal were founded by the workers of a weapons manufacturer, Manchester United as a team of railway workers, and Eintracht Frankfurt’s semi-final opponents West Ham United also have their roots as a factory club. The club was founded in 1895 as Thames Ironworks FC, the sports club at a large shipyard. Hence the nicknames “The Hammers” and “The Irons”.

In 1900 it was renamed West Ham United Football Club after the district of the same name. The first promotion to the English top division took place in 1923, the club had its most successful times in the sixties and seventies. West Ham never won, but the club won the FA Cup three times (1964, 1975 and 1980) and the European Cup Winners’ Cup once (1965). Bitter from a Hessian point of view: In 1976, Hammers also reached the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup – and on the way there, Eintracht eliminated in the semifinals.

Despite the rather limited successes, the club has not only a large fan base, but also several prominent fans, the most famous of which is perhaps Steve Harris. The bassist of the legendary metal band Iron Maiden not only played for the young people in Hammers, he and his band have on several occasions been the club’s main sponsors. The club is also known for its well-known club anthem “I’m forever blowing Bubbles”, an old hit from the 1920s, which is sung before each match and accompanied by thousands of soap bubbles. A real sight.

The star

“I’ve been looking at the prices of some players who have gone to other clubs lately and they can not even tie Declan Rice’s shoes.” This announcement comes from West Ham manager David Moyes last summer and illustrates quite well the importance of Rice for Hammers. Rice, 23, is the heart and soul of his team, good at tackling and playing and blessed with a special talent for winning the ball, which he then immediately drives forward.

“He combines a defender’s instinct with a midfielder’s imagination,” the Daily Mail once described him. Chelsea legend John Terry said of him last year: “In his position, he is currently the best in the world.” Various international top clubs are said to be after Rice at the moment and it is very possible that he will actually switch at some point for a sum of over 100 million euros.

The coach

Scot David Moyes has a touch of the unfinished. Once successful in Preston North End and especially in Everton, where he stayed for eleven years, became the coach of the year and led the club into the Champions League for the first time in history, in 2013 he certainly seemed to higher tasks. The higher task, however, was ungratefully the legacy of the great Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, where Moyes was given a six-year contract but did not even survive the first season. He was then briefly at San Sebastian, then relegated to Sunderland and headed to West Ham, where he is now under contract for the second time after a brief hiatus.

Moyes team comes more through physics, organization and passion and is excellent at counter-attacking. Moyes usually sticks to his preferred 4-2-3-1 system. With the result that West Ham are currently in seventh place in the Premier League and Europa League semi-finalist better than they have been for a long time.

The stadium

The stadium has probably been the hot topic in West Ham in recent years. After 112 years of playing at the venerable Boleyn Ground (better known as Upton Park), a true dream destination for football romantics, the Hammers moved to the rather faceless London Stadium in 2016. It took some time for fans to find their way there, first there were often fights with each other because the seating arrangement for the fans from the old stadium no longer applied in the new one.

London Stadium with 60,000 seats was once the venue for athletics competitions and the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics. However, Boleyn Ground, where the apartments are now located, was nicer.

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