Then: The LA Lakers donate basketball hoops

The people and communities affected by the flood disaster at Ahr on the night between 14 and 15 July 2021 still find a great, nationwide willingness to donate. In Dernau, two projects with a total volume of around 295,000 euros have now been supported: To contribute to the reconstruction of the infrastructure in the Ahr Valley after the flood disaster, the DWS Foundation (Frankfurt / Main) has made a donation of 250,000 euros to the association ” Future Dernau eV “. With this amount, DWS enables full financing of a container kindergarten. This is to be built on the site of the planned “Lager Rebstock” memorial above Marienthal. Dernau primary school must also be accommodated there temporarily, and a stationary sports hall must be built. The Federal Real Estate Agency, which administers these areas, has also approved this measure. And one of the most famous American basketball teams, the Los Angeles (LA) Lakers, donated a basketball hoop to the schoolyard.

With a donation of 45,000 euros, the Lakers are also making it possible to establish an outdoor fitness court on the site of the former Dernauer sports ground. Marco Kriechel, youth leader of the Blau-Gelb Dernau sports club, thanked the transfer for this important support from the wine village’s youth. The Los Angeles Lakers basketball team plays in the professional North American National Basketball Association. The team has won a total of 17 championship titles in the NBA and one in the National Basketball League. In addition, the World Professional Basketball Tournament in its latest edition. The LA Lakers are not doing so well this season, the team is currently in ninth place. DWS Group GmbH & Co. KGaA, based in Frankfurt / Main, has been the global investment sponsor of the American basketball team Los Angeles Lakers since October 2021. When those in charge and active at the Lakers saw the images of the disaster in the Ahr Valley, the decision was made very quickly: We want to help here. Initially, the entire Lakers team wanted to be present at the donation handover in the Ahr Valley. However, due to corona restrictions, he was not allowed to leave the United States. However, this visit should be made up for.

Social engagement

DWS has set itself two goals for its social commitment to help overcome current social challenges: combating climate change, including protecting the oceans, and eliminating social inequalities.

Press spokesperson Adib Sisani and Simone Brandes, head of social engagement, came to Ahr from DWS. The donation was officially presented on site by Adib Sisani, responsible for communication, marketing and social responsibility at DWS. Sisani added: “I myself was here in the region last summer and saw how seriously the floods had threatened so many’s livelihoods. We are very happy to be here today and hope to return this summer – hopefully even with the LA Lakers. ” In a press release, Asoka Wöhrmann, CEO of DWS, stated: “We made a conscious decision to do so in order to wait for the first wave of willingness to help and to donate at a later stage when financial assistance has not yet arrived. It is often the case that after a disaster, unfortunately, attention quickly turns to other current issues, which is why we are very happy with our decision to make a transitional container kindergarten possible for the children in Dernau. to remain in their familiar environment during the reconstruction for the next few years – an environment that they are rightly rooted in ”.

Bridges for sports

Tim Harris, Senior Vice President (CEO) of the LA Lakers, said in a zoom video conference with representatives from Dernau on Sunday: “When we heard about the situation in the Ahr Valley through our partner DWS, it was immediately clear to us that we want By funding the sporting elements, we are building a great bridge to our sport and hope to arouse or even strengthen the students’ enthusiasm for basketball. We would be very happy if the outdoor fitness track would contribute to the attractiveness of Dernau municipality show sporting joy. ” The mayor of Dernau municipality, Alfred Sebastian, could not attend at short notice, but it said: “We were delighted when DWS promised to support our community with a large donation. Container kindergarten is a great thing. It will remain in use at least until it has been decided where the new kindergarten is to be built, and until all permits have been obtained – and then, of course, the actual construction time must still come. I guess in two to two and a half years. The container system consists of 12 individual elements that house 65 children from Dernau and Marienthal. The elements are currently being set up so that children and teachers can probably move in here in early March. ” Kindergarten leader Margot Hess, deputy David Fuhrmann and Ingrid Näkel-Surges, vice chairman of Förderverein Zukunft. Dernau eV, also unanimously praised the great commitment from DWS and the US-LA Lakers.

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