Swimming before breakfast: How to get rid of belly fat forever

Lose weight: Swimming before breakfast: How to get rid of belly fat forever

Fat burning does not only work through jogging or endurance training in the gym. Swimming is a gentle alternative that can also tone up your stomach. We have 7 tips for the right technique for you.

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Jogging is a great exercise for staying fit and burning fat. But it’s not for everyone and it’s hardly fun in bad weather or when it’s too hot. However, swimming always works – whether indoors or outdoors – and it is also easy on the body. If you want to burn fat this way, all you need is the right technique.

Carefully burn calories in the water

Not only does water cool you down on hot days, but it also burns calories and can therefore melt your belly fat. We have tips to help you do that. Observe the following rules:

1. Enter slowly

If you have some experience with swimming training, you should start slowly and gradually increase. Start by doing 15-20 minute sessions every other day. Build up to half an hour in the pool when you feel ready – you can see significant results in a short time.

If you start too fast, you may be demotivated by sore muscles and fatigue and possibly skip the next unit.

2. Attend a swimming course

It may sound strange, but swimming lessons can help you refresh your knowledge. It is not just about staying afloat, but about training the body evenly and gently. Defective technology that has crept in over the years can be an obstacle. So get outside advice if needed.

3. Stay constant

For results, you should swim four to five days a week. It is best to buy an annual ticket to the swimming pool, because then it is really worth it and you will be much more motivated.

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4. Increase your heart rate

When you start swimming for the first time, it puts a lot of strain on your body. As your technique improves, you will swim more efficiently and your heart rate will not be as high during exercise.

Then it’s time to go up. If you think the courses are easy, you may want to swim a little faster to get your heart going. Waterproof fitness trackers help you keep track of your frequency. A workload of 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate is ideal. This is calculated based on 220 minus your age. If you’re 60, it’s 160.

5. Swim before breakfast

Not everyone has the opportunity to swim before work and before the first meal. But this trick will help you burn fat faster. The body thus has direct access to the fat reserves as an energy source. However, you should always listen to your body and not do too intense workouts on an empty stomach.

6. Avoid routine

If you always walk at the same speed and with the same swimming technique, then at some point the performance can not be increased anymore. Vary the pace and style between breaststroke, front crawl or backstroke.

7. Adjust costs

If you want to lose weight, you can hardly do without a sensible change of diet. If you want to get rid of body fat, you need to consume fewer calories than you use. Swimming training burns a lot of energy, but the appetite afterwards is usually quite large. Try to satisfy your hunger with as many green vegetables and high-fiber foods as possible – no matter how tempting Schnitzel mit Fries currently smells.

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