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Day 7 of the Free Agency could herald the start of the second wave of contract signings. Robert Woods’ trade with the Titans may have been the first domino to trigger a chain reaction. You will not miss anything in the live ticker!

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18.30: The gigantic salaries of the Watson deal, of course, invite much of this salary to be converted into signing bonus payments in each of the coming years, which, along with the original signing bonus ceiling, add up to hits of more than $ 57 million each, to make more ceiling space. This is pushing more and more cap load into the future, but it seems to be the plan in general.

18:05: The Broncos restructured wide receiver Courtland Sutton’s contract and converted his $ 10.5 million roster bonus into a signing bonus. That brings in a new ceiling of $ 7.875 million for the upcoming season. And then they did the same with Tim Patrick. His list bonus ($ 6.9 million) brings an additional $ 4.6 million to Cap Space as a signature bonus. Cap manipulation maneuvers, always exciting!

17.50: You have to give the Browns one thing: The deal for Watson is simpler than any other deal in the NFL. He gets a signing bonus of $ 44.965 million, and his annual salary, all of which is fully guaranteed, is as follows:

2022: $ 1.035 million
2023: $ 46 million
2024: $ 46 million
2025: $ 46 million
2026: $ 46 million

But that’s the only positive thing about this transaction …

17.35: Baker Mayfield does not appear to be the only QB who seems unenthusiastic about his team’s interest in Deshaun Watson.’s Lance Zierlein reports that Matt Ryan is now set to claim a new three-year contract from the Falcons. FYI, including the guard bonus coming on Tuesday, is raising Ryan just under $ 24 million in real money this season, up from $ 28 million next year. His ceiling hit this year is currently $ 48.6 million, a new deal would lower that amount. His contract expires in 2023. Continued …

17.20: Johnson continued, “Then came the call that there was interest. And with coach McDaniels and an offensive I’ve played on and a bunch of coaches who know me from the Patriots, it’s probably the best situation.”

And then he takes the shift positively: “My preparations are now in full swing, for me it’s just extra motivation to be part of a new team. It only makes the whole thing even more exciting. ”

For Johnson, his new sports home has a literal location advantage: “Many friends and family wanted to come and visit me, and it’s probably easier to persuade them to come to Vegas.”

NFL Free Agency: Jakob Johnson Announces Retirement From Patriots

17.10: Completely lost – we use the competition, sorry! is the following statement from defender Jakob Johnson to DPA: “The Patriots have informed me that they will no longer need my services for next season, simply because they no longer want my position on the roster,” said Johnson, who now player. for the Las Vegas Raiders.

And that’s very interesting, because apparently the departure of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel also leads to a new offensive philosophy or a new scheme. It’s probably too early to say exactly what it will look like, but the variants are obvious: either more 12 people, that is, with two tight ends, or 11 with three receivers. For the latter formation, however, the receiving corps had to be pimped up a bit …

17 o’clock: The Browns have finally announced the Watson deal. This was accompanied by a statement from team owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam. And let’s put it this way, one does not dwell too much on the annoying legal issues, and rather trust the positive impact Watson will have on society. If you want to read it, click here!

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