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Stress relief: Combination of yoga and meditation especially useful

Millions of people around the world exercise regularly yoga. Many of them do this to improve their fitness and physical health well-being to improve. It is more important to others because of this reduce stress to be able to and to relax. This is especially effective when it is different Yoga techniques combined is now reported by researchers.

According to estimates, around three to five million people in Germany practice yoga regularly. These exercises are good for reducing stress. They are also extremely effective relaxation methods. Researchers are now reporting on the effectiveness of combined yoga exercises in the journals “OBM Integrative and Complementary Medicine” and “Frontiers in Psychology”.

Relaxation and better body awareness

As the Technical University (TU) Chemnitz writes in a recent report, yoga is often equated with acrobatic extension, which should ensure relaxation and a better body feeling. This benefit is also scientifically proven.

What has not been investigated so far, however, is how different yoga techniques such as the so-called “sun salutation” or breathing exercises and meditation work in combination.

This issue has now been addressed by Dr. Karin Matko, research assistant at the professorship of general and biopsychology (head: Prof. Dr. Udo Rudolph) at Chemnitz University of Technology, dedicated as first author.

combination of different elements

In the evaluation of results from 19 reviews of a total of 330 studies – a so-called “metasynthesis” – the psychologist found that there is a connection between the combination of different yoga techniques and their benefits. Consequently, a combination increases the therapeutic or preventive gain.

“Our results, which are largely consistent across the studies studied, show that the combination of different elements in yoga is better. In almost all cases, combined interventions were better than simpler interventions. “, explains Dr. Matko.

It does not matter if it is high blood pressure, diabetes or depression. According to the scientist, the combination of physical exercises with breathing techniques or meditation was particularly effective.

However, there were also irregularities: “In asthma, for example, yoga only works if it includes breathing exercises”explains the psychologist, who is also a trained yoga teacher.

The ethics of yoga life

In another study, the researcher was able to confirm this result experimentally. Dr. Matko compared the effects of four different combinations of yoga, meditation, and the life ethics of yoga on healthy topics without previous experience.

“If you want to avoid or reduce stress, the combination of yoga and meditation seems to be especially helpful”according to the expert.

In addition, Matko and her colleagues Prof. Dr. Peter Sedlmeier, holder of the professorship of research methodology and evaluation in psychology at Chemnitz University of Technology and Dr. medical Holger C. Bringmann from Charité Berlin that a combination of meditation and ethics of life can increase well-being permanently.

“The intense self-examination during the ethical sessions seems to have had a really lasting impact on our topics.”

The researcher concludes that it pays to decorate yoga with its original “glaze” and to practice it together with meditation or other traditional practices. (advertisement)

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