No problem with these 7 YouTube channels

Fitness inspiration for the home? There are now several YouTube channels specifically targeting sports, fitness and nutrition.

There you will find individual exercises, complete workouts and several tips for a healthy lifestyle, often from professional athletes. This has many benefits: Because your virtual trainer can not correct you, it is important that all exercises are well explained and properly demonstrated. We have put together seven YouTube channels for you where you can find lots of professional fitness inspiration.

1. Lionsgate BeFit

Lionsgate BeFit is one of the most comprehensive fitness YouTube channels. Well over 1000 free videos have now been collected in the channel, ranging from five minutes to more than an hour of training time. As trainers, prominent fitness experts are waiting to give you inspiration for training at home – from Billy Blanks to Jillian Michaels and Tara Styles to Jane Fonda and many more.

Due to the huge number of videos, the selection of exercises shown is also very large. And best of all: The training programs presented here each use very simple tools such as fitness dumbbells or step machines. What is there to choose from? Lots! You will find HIIT, Pilates and cardio here, but also classic strength training, dance, yoga etc. Videos with health tips are also represented.

2. Tara Stiles Yoga

Yoga fans should definitely take a look at this YouTube channel. TaraStiles has over 300 videos, all covering different variations of the popular exercise. From stretching exercises and yoga for pregnant women to relaxation yoga and yoga to getting up and going to bed, everything is represented. You can also find yoga tips for difficult positions and special exercises for beginners to experienced here. Recipes for a healthy diet complete the channel’s free offer. Convenient: Yoga training usually lasts between five and 20 minutes and you do not need any tools.

3. Fitness Blender

There is always something to discover at FitnessBlender, because every week new ones are added to the already well over 600 free fitness videos. So if you’re looking for a little strength training and cardio inspiration, check out this YouTube channel.

Stylistically, the videos are more for minimalists because the exercises are presented in front of a pure white background and without background music or the like. The advantage: All movements are easy to recognize and understand. The videos also vary in length from five minutes to over an hour. So you can also train yourself through a longer, independent training at home without having to switch back and forth between different clips. Assistive devices? Do not need.

4. Happy and fast

After three English-language YouTube channels, here comes a channel where you can find free fitness inspiration in German. And that’s not all: Happy and Fit is clearly divided into different channels, so you can go directly to the areas of yoga, dance, Pilates, fitness and health without having to look long. There are now also channels on the topics of nutrition, babies, children, DIY and tips on the topic of happiness.

Each channel has over 100 clips ranging from quick two-minute walkthroughs to long workouts. The various fitness exercises are all specially designed for your workout at home, which you can also see in the videos, because the decor is often reminiscent of a living room. A chair is usually sufficient as an aid.

5. Popsugar Fitness

Are you looking for a YouTube channel where you will not only find videos about HIIT and Tabata, but also where the fitness tricks of Victoria’s Secret models are explained? Then take a look at Popsugar Fitness. In addition to the tips from the lingerie angels, you will also find videos with exercises specific to the abdomen, legs or bottom, cardio training, exercises for pregnant women and much more.

The videos are divided into playlists, where you will also find clips for different levels of difficulty – and training sessions that vary from one minute (for those who are busy) to 45 minutes. The more than 1000 free videos also include various clips on the topic of healthy eating and lifestyle.

6. Turbulence training

More than 500 free videos, training from four minutes and up, nutrition and motivation tips: There are many good reasons to check out the Turbulence Training YouTube channel. Although some of the fitness videos on the subject of HIIT and strength training are visually tailored for advanced users, beginners will also find plenty of inspiration for training at home. This is also seen in the necessary tools. A sports mat is sufficient for many exercises, but for other exercises you sometimes also need dumbbells or TRX, ie special elastic straps and ropes.

7.Sophia Thiel

One of the youngest and at the same time most successful (German) YouTube channels on the subject of fitness and nutrition is Sophia Thiel. The professional athlete has released over 250 free videos so far – with various tips and exercises for individual body parts or even full 30-minute workouts. In addition, new ones are constantly being added. Whether you are looking for muscle building, body building or nutrition clips, there is almost certainly something for you here. Since Sophia also provides lots of tips on the topic of outfit, lifestyle and beauty, this channel is particularly interesting for female fitness fans.


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