He was Messi’s best friend! From CL winner to Zumba and Reggaeton star

Football, fitness, reggaeton music, American action cinema: these are topics that especially reach and interest young people. It usually takes many years of struggle to be in just one of these things.

Jose Manuel Pinto has devoted himself to football for several years and won everything with Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona. But even then, he understood that he could make a living from football, but he could also use it to focus on other things over time. The hard training in the gym, the music production, the vision of a fitness program, the idea of ​​standing out.

Always interested in music, Pinto has been writing songs since he was young, participating in breakdance competitions and starting producing reggaeton tracks – he never rested before, during and even after his career.

Pinto is gaining momentum in LaLiga – but music remains just as important

In 1998, Pinto joined Celta Vigo from Real Betis, where he would become goalkeeper for a decade. But even then, he did not intend to think only of football. His generation is Casillas, Reina, Canizares, but there is not the slightest possibility of being called up by Spain. Too much competition, too old to be considered.

In the break, when his teammates relax, Pinto studies. Sound technique, music was motivation enough during his career. After football, he took his degree in the field and even managed to get a master’s degree in music production.

José Manuel Pinto trophies


In addition to football, however, in 2000 Pinto founded his record company Wahin Makinacioes, with whom he wants to build his musical future. He started producing and recording in 2006, in his best sports year. The goalkeeper is confident in all areas of his life: he is building a music studio in El Puerto de Santa Maria in southwestern Spain and releasing his first album.

14 tracks of Andalusian rap, he burns in New York, mixes in Vigo, acts behind the scenes and also appears as a composer on the last track – were we mentioned that he is actually a full-time football player?

2008: Pinto moves to FC Barcelona – the best team in the world at the time

Not even two years later, as Pinto’s name gets bigger in music, his football career was gaining momentum again – a call from Barcelona. It’s 2008 and Pinto has been signed by the Catalan management as a reliable second goalkeeper behind Victor Valdes.

It’s Blaugrana’s rebirth under Rijkaard with players like Ronaldinho and young Lionel Messi. Champions League winners focus mainly on football, less on embellishments. However, some like Xavi are starting to read to coaches. Others, like Oleguer, will dedicate every moment away from football to political life.

But Pinto also remains at the center of attention off the football field: hyperactive, restless in relaxing at home after training. He is a volcano from which musical ideas just come out.

He develops a passion for meditation, is close to the idea of ​​karma and tries to make his mark in all areas he throws himself into with enthusiasm. Football and music are his great passions. On loan from Celta Vigo, he ends his Barcelona career with seven seasons, 90 appearances and an impressive trophy cabinet.

When Pinto at the age of 38 realizes that his time in football is coming to an end, he has a total of 18 gold medals, from the Spanish Cup tournament to the championship and the Champions League, everything is included.

He sits on the bench in Rome when FC Barcelona secure the CL title against Manchester United. He is there to comfort Messi in moments of defeat. Messi not only had a teammate in Pinto, but also a real brother. During his time in Barcelona, ​​the Andalusian goalkeeper was often referred to as his best friend. In the pictures, in the interviews, in the videos, the two stand side by side in joy and sorrow. Pinto also said when Messi left last year:

“I just want to wish you the best, I know it was very difficult for you and your family to take this blow, but by knowing you I have no doubt that your strength has always been in your family, so you will come back stronger. The most important thing is that you are happy and that you are well. “

Number two for the fans – hugely important for the Barca players

For Barca fans, Pinto is just number two, which can be seen on the pitch very irregularly. In Barca’s locker room, however, he takes on a completely different role: it is he who chooses the pre-game music that gives his teammates the all-important energy and motivation.

Pinto says of his connection to music: “I have always liked music and I have always liked sports. Music has always helped me to become a better athlete, and if you think about it, then play even when you is in the Premier League., has bad days, it helps to have an outlet. My teammates knew what I was doing. They saw me study my audio books on air travel. Many know me as a football player, but I’ve been composing songs ever since. I was 14.

Champions League, Hollywood, the production studio, Messi’s friendship: Pinto was a special player on and off the field. He has now opened a channel on YouTube where he shows the basics of skipping and variants that are getting harder and harder. This is just one of the ways to get your creativity going. On his Instagram profile with over a million followers – where he appears unrecognizable compared to his Barcelona days, without beards, braids and with a cut like the King of Memphis – he shows three different faces.

That of a former footballer who posts memories of his time in Barcelona. A reggaeton singer and producer, often in bright clothes and eye-catching glasses. And finally a Zumba trainer in prom dress or in tracksuits.

One-sidedness and relaxation do not exist in Pinto’s life, even though he was only the conspicuous number two for Barca fans.

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