Goalkeeper rotation in Dortmund: Behind Kobel, the mix is ​​completely new

Updated 27/04/2022 10:41

  • Borussia Dortmund will probably lose three goalkeepers this summer.
  • So far, only Hertha’s Marcel Lotka has been confirmed as a participant.
  • That should lead to some changes and a reorientation in this part of the team.

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Some Borussia Dortmund employees are likely to follow the Bundesliga relegation battle with great interest. On Sunday, for example, VfB Stuttgart played Hertha BSC to stay in class, and Gregor Kobel could have sat on the couch and watched his ex-colleagues from VfB and their defeat.

BVB coach Marco Rose was perhaps more interested in Hertha. BVB will play the last match of the season against the Berliners in three weeks, so a little preparatory scouting can not hurt. And U23 coach Enrico Maassen certainly had an eye for Marcel Lotka.

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Because Borussia Dortmund apparently throws a major goalkeeper rotation, which includes the current Berlin number one Lotka. After his quite remarkable start in the Bundesliga, he had to guard the Dortmund goal two classes lower from the upcoming season. In early March, Lotka signed a contract until 2024 with the clear premise of performing for Dortmund U23. At least for now.

The transfer was necessary because a switch from Stefan Drljaca, who will sign for VfB Stuttgart, has been in the pipeline for weeks. Drljaca was sometimes number one in Dortmund U23, but will apparently change again after two years in BVB. Lotka is supposed to fill the Drljaca position in the first step, but he can certainly hope for more, not just because of his performance in Berlin.

Bürki safely away, Hitz on the go

In the pros, Roman Bürki will definitely leave BVB. The Swiss signed for the MLS team St Louis City FC a few weeks ago after a season in the stands and is away this summer. According to Sport1 information, the current number two Marwin Hitz is also about to say goodbye. Hitz was a loyal and reserved servant to Borussia for almost four years, did his job when asked and was otherwise extremely loyal. But now the 34-year-old should soon be over.

Only Luca Unbehaun will be, the homemade player extended his contract in February to 2023 and wants to attack in the coming season. As things stand at the moment, Borussia need at least one more goalkeeper. The cards in this part of the team will soon be shuffled again.

Will there be another seasoned goalkeeper?

The two established players behind Kobel are soon both gone, with the 21-year-old Unbehaun being a talent already at the start, maybe with Lotka (20) there will soon be another one. A seasoned goalkeeper would fit quite well into BVB’s concept, on the one hand he can put a little pressure on Kobel, but on the other hand he is loyal and can guide the boys in training.

Last summer, Borussia had to close the construction site in goal with a new number one. This is certainly achieved with Kobel’s commitment, the Swiss is not only undisputed in his position, but also a great added value within the team structure. Now it’s time to redistribute the positions behind Kobel: with new players and a new hierarchy. BVB is making the expected big change in the squad in this part of the team, but at best on a small scale.

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