BG Göttingen and their starting position in the playoffs in the Basketball Bundesliga

Now the calculations are made: BG Göttingen and their starting position in the playoffs

Göttingen.After the 80:86 defeat in Crailsheim on Tuesday night, BG Göttingen had to relinquish eighth – and thus last – place, which gives the right to participate in the playoffs in the basketball league, to their opponents. Thanks to an energy performance in the last minute, the violins reduced a deficit of twelve points to six points – and thus decided the direct comparison for themselves. With this successful demonstration of strength, however, the Göttings can only spit in the soup for Hakro Merlins if both teams are level on points after 34 games played – and are fighting for eighth place.

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The match in north-eastern Baden-Württemberg was marked by a nervous start with many errors in a heated atmosphere in the hall, which was filled with 1,789 spectators, by both teams’ races and by the fact that BG lost strength in the second half. The eight rotations – Philipp Hartwich had almost four minutes of playing time, Haris Hujic and Marios Giotis were not used at all – had to work hard against a host team that was quite vulnerable. Six players were on the field for between 24 and just over 30 minutes. And in the second match within three days. For Mathis Mönninghoff, who showed a big giant heart in this match, the match was over in the last quarter. The 30-year-old, who had not even allowed himself a two-week break after tearing the ligament over in late March, was plagued by seizures.

When the violins’ deficit had grown to twelve points (70:82) in the last minute, it looked like a double mishap. The game was lost, the direct comparison (BG had entered the match with plus seven points) seemed to go to Crailsheimer. Then things got turbulent. 37 seconds before the end, with a score of 74:86, it did not look like there would be at least one ray of hope for BG. But then Frey hit a three with an error and lowered the proper free throw to 78:86. Then the Göttingen team forced Crailsheim to lose the ball – in return, Stephen Brown scored to 80:86. The BG defense did not allow more points and this effort gave it a small chance to be in eighth place at the end of the main round.

After the match, BG head coach Roel Moors spoke of a “completely deserved victory” for the Crailsheimers, in whom he saw greater will. “Only in the second quarter did we have chances to go to the break with an even bigger lead, but we did not take advantage of that. In the second half, Crailsheim was much more aggressive, we did not play with enough intensity. Too many players did not show their strengths. “We were always good when we had six, seven or eight players playing to their potential. That was not the case today, but it was in Crailsheim,” summed up the Belgian.

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BBL expert Staudenmayer explains the initial situation

With a view to the matches that the three teams vying for eighth place still have to play until May 8, it is clear that BG Göttingen must always have the events in Crailsheim and Bamberg in the spotlight. If all three teams were to win their remaining matches, Merlins would end up with 38 points on the credit side, while Göttingen and Franconia would have 36 points – but here goes the direct comparison to Bamberg, who defeated the Violets twice. This is the simplest calculation.

If all three teams end up with the same number of points, there is a three-way comparison. “A sub-table is created, which is usually sufficient to make a decision. Everything that comes after that becomes more complicated. But we have never had this case before,” says Jens Staudenmayer, sports director at BBL. teams have already played against each other during the main round, he took a closer look at the constellation: “In a three-way comparison, BG Göttingen would have the worst cards.” Crailsheim won on the other hand, the Franks and the Merliners each have two wins to their credit , so they would be right on point.Then the direct comparison comes into play again, which would go to the Crailsheimers, who won their home game 93:79 after an 81:91 defeat in Bamberg.

The rest of the schedule for the three teams: BG will play against Gießen at home on May 1 and FC Bayern Munich on May 8. Crailsheim will be challenged twice in their own hall against Frankfurt (April 29) and Chemnitz (May 7), in between will Merlin’s race in Ulm (May 1). Bamberg plays in Heidelberg on April 29 and then two home games against Braunschweig (May 1) and Hamburg (May 8).

BG can hope for international competition

In terms of the possibility of being able to play internationally in the coming year without reaching the playoffs, Staudenmayer gives BG hope. In addition to the two Euroleague teams Munich and Berlin, up to three BBL teams have the chance to participate in the Champions League. At least two, possibly three German representatives could play in the EuropeCup. Then there is the Fiba Europe Cup. “Teams that have finished at least twelfth in their national league can play there,” Staudenmayer explains. Since BG Göttingen can be number ten in the worst case, they can be there.

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