Bayern suffer from a three-point failure in match 3 against Barcelona

What a bitter night for Bayern Munich.

The Munich team lost the first home game of the series against FC Barcelona 66:75 (31:49). The bitter thing about this evening: it could have been more for the home team. (SERVICE: All games and results)

The game was lost in the starting phase. Bayern came quickly behind with ten points (8:18). Also in the second quarter the fans saw a sleepy Bayern start, for a long time the home team had only brought two points on the scoreboard.

In the third quarter, it looked like Munich could reopen the match. With 18:10 they could decide the game section themselves. A circumstance that also Barca coach Sarunas Jasikevicius after the match Magenta sport did not like it: “The first half was a very strong performance from us. But in the third quarter we lost concentration.”

But it should not be really dangerous for FC Barcelona that night.

The weakness of the sixty becomes fatal

The reason for this was the weak three-way move that the home team kept getting in the way of. In the end, there were four successful threes in 24 attempts – an underground rate of 16.7 percent.

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Significant: Ognjen Jaramaz finally closed the defeat with the 20th missed three a minute before the end. With a deficit of six points and barely a minute, something else had been possible, but Downtown’s repeated failed attempts were the appropriate end point for this match. Bayern coach Andrea Trinchieri also criticized this after the match: “We missed many throws. It cost us the match.” (NEW: All about EuroLeague)

But there is also reason for hope for match four on Friday, as Nihad Djedovic noted: “The second half should teach us a lesson. That’s how we should play. “

And Djedovic is right. With 35:26, the Munich team won the second half.

The full game to read:

+++ 66:75 – Now it requires a miracle +++

The hosts now need almost divine help to turn the match around. But a missed three by Jaramaz – Bayern’s 20th (!) – sealed the defeat forever.

+++ 61:75 – Bavaria’s weakness in three is obvious +++

It just should not be the center of the hosts today. The Munich team was able to sink only 4 of 23 attempts in the basket. Barca are not much better at the moment, but scored confidently from the center in the beginning and now wisely control the lead.

+++ 59:72 – Bayern with its back to the wall +++

So if anything is to happen again for Munich, they need to get started now. Maybe Jaramz’s triangle is a good sign. It was his first successful attempt from the center after five tickets earlier.

+++ 54:67 – There it goes again +++

Jaramaz can score again – but this is only his second successful throw in this match. Bayern are again 15 points behind and Trinchieri called his second time-out after less than three minutes in the final quarter.

+++ 51:61 – Strong performance by Hunter +++

Sisko brings the ball to Hunter, who is completely free under the basket, which in turn shortens to ten points.

+++ 49:59 – the end of 3. quarter +++

Only ten points behind! Barca can actually play the time down, but Hunter grabs the ball. It passes quickly to Lucic and the Serb pulls aggressively to the basket, cutting to ten points for the first time since the start of the second quarter.

+++ 47:59 – strong action +++

Lucic shortened with a free kick. Immediately afterwards, Nick Calathes is pressured by two Bayern players. He’s still getting the ball to a teammate, but Weiler-Babb is alert and grabs the game machine. As a reward, there are two more penalty throws to 47:59.

+++ 43:59 – Barca actually offers a lot +++

Currently, the home team is more in their own way. Barcelona is anything but superb in rebound, both defensively and offensively. But Munich makes too little out of the many other chances.

+++ 41:57 – It should give you courage +++

Bayern continue to fight in the offensive. This time, Zan Mark Sisko takes heart and the magic passes the ball on to DeShaun Thomas. He says thank you and gives the next two points to Munich.

+++ 39:55 – Lucic fights tirelessly +++

The Munich team continues to fight – above all Lucic, who throws himself into every ball. With four points for the Serb, at least the distance does not increase further.

+++ 35:49 – Is there anything else for Bayern? +++

Munich play an excellent defense at the start of the second half and Weiler-Babb reduces to 14 points with strong rebounds.

+++ 33:49 – Promising Bayern start +++

Bayern get the first ball and Barca do not quite work on the pitch yet. Weiler-Babb sees a huge hole and takes two easy points to the basket. After that, Barcelona can only help themselves with an offensive error, and Munich regains ball possession.

+++ Pause – Corey Walden is optimistic +++

Walden is currently unable to attend the match due to an injury, but hopes to play in match four on Friday, as he did in Magenta sport betrayed. “I’m doing my best and I hope everything goes well again on Friday.”

On this day, he has some advice for his teammates to turn the match around after all. “You have to stay calm and play solid defense.”

+++ 31:49 – the end of 2. quarter +++

The district was catastrophic for the people of Munich for long periods. For a long time, the Barca defense kept the home team on two points. And pulled away to 19 points. In time, the Munich team came into play at least so far that the deficit did not grow further. With a deposit of 18 points, we now enter the second half.

+++ 30:49 – Lucic desperate +++

Lucic tries everything and really wants to make the basket. But the presentation’s first attempt does not go in and he is left in rebound. Then he raises his hands in frustration.

+++ 26:45 – Barcelona play it down confidently +++

What a pass for Hunter! The 35-year-old can never get a handle on this in his life. Barcelona gets the ball thrown in and gets the next two points.

+++ 22:41 – Bayern completely out of the roll +++

From Bayern’s point of view, the second quarter is completely forgettable. In the attack little or nothing comes together, and in the DE defense you see almost no land against the Barca attacks.

+++ 22:34 – Barcelona with Hammer Defense +++

The visitors are perhaps playing their best defense this EuroLeague season and are slowly driving Bayern’s offensive to despair. After almost five minutes in the second quarter, Munich have only brought two points into the table.

+++ 20:30 – Curious timeout from Barcelona +++

After Bayern’s time-out, Bayern manage to attack, which is rewarded with three points – and Barcelona take a time-out immediately. The Spaniards seem to have great respect for the home team.

+++ 17:30 – Bayern miss the start again +++

As in the first quarter, Barcelona dominated again at the beginning of the second quarter. The visitors cleverly attacked the home team’s guards, which is why Trinchieri this time called the first time-out after just over a minute.

+++ 17:26 – the end of 1. quarter +++

Munich is nine points behind the first quarter. But after a sleepy start, it was already 13 points behind. Led by a strong Lucic, the home team fought back to five points. With a final sprint, Barcelona pulls off again.

+++ 17:22 – Bayern warms up the halls +++

Again, it is Jaramaz who scores two points more with a strong pull to the basket. Before then, the Bavarians convince with a very strong defensive.

+++ 14:22 – Now it’s going wild +++

Both teams currently dominate on the defensive and force the opponent to throw some crazy shots on the offensive. So you have been waiting in vain for more points for almost two minutes. Only Ognjen Jaramaz gives the next point with a free kick.

+++ 12:20 – Lucic drives hot +++

Bayern are getting better and better, and that’s mainly due to Lucic. The Serb scored the last four Bayern points and is also attentive on the defensive.

+++ 8:20 – Mirotic gifts again +++

The Spaniard moves aggressively into the zone and can only be stopped by Othello Hunter with a foul. As Bayern have already reached the team’s error limit, Mirotic goes straight to the line and scores the next two points to the visitors.

+++ 8:18 – strong from Weiler-Babb +++

An important triangle by Nick Weiler-Babb. The American gets the ball in the corner and lets it slide smoothly through the net. Bayern are slowly finding their shooting skills. Andrea Trincheri is now taking her first break.

+++ 3:11 – accident for Bayern +++

The defense stands and forces Sertac Sanli to make an emergency throw far beyond the line of three – and it hits. Previously, he severely eliminated Vladimir Lucic. You could have called a mistake there.

+++ 3: 8 – Bayern need throwing precision +++

For the first time this season, FC Barcelona got off to a better start. Munich come to their throwing chances, but the precision is still lacking.

+++ 0: 3 – Barca advances +++

Barcelona gets the first ball and comes directly into play with a three-pointer. Bayern, on the other hand, miss their first chance of three points.

+++ Bavaria trusts the tried and tested +++

FCB coach Andrea Trincheri trusts the same starting five as in the big coup in Barcelona in match 2.

+++ Support of the football stars +++

FC Bayern’s basketball players can also fully rely on the support of the football department that evening. Among others, Serge Gnabry, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting and Marcel Sabitzer are in the hall cheering on the FCB players in the front row.

+++ Bavarian president believes in coup +++

Herbert Hainer, president of FC Bayern Munich, is optimistic about the evening. “The Audi Dome is sold out. It gives the team a real boost. Anything is possible. Also that the team can do the impossible,” he said. Magenta sport.

+++ Full house in Munich +++

The basketball fans in Munich are excited about game 3. The Audi Dome is completely sold out.

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+++ Munich with the home advantage +++

After two matches in Barcelona, ​​Munich now has two home matches ahead of them. If both duels are won in the Audi Dome, FC Bayern would enter the EuroLeague Final Four for the first time in their club history.

+++ Welcome +++

SPORT1 warmly welcomes you to LIVETICKER for match 3 in the best-of-five series between FC Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona. It is currently in the 1: 1 series.

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