10 alternatives to pull-ups for the home and fitness center

What should you do if you do not have enough strength to do a pull-up? Photo: MilanMarkovic78 / shutterstock.com

In this article, we present you with a total of 10 alternatives to a pull-up, some of which you can do completely without a pull-up bar or equipment.

1. Pull-ups with elastic

The best alternative to the pull-up is the assisted pull-up. Because you are already in the process of practicing the pull-up bar, training the right muscles and strengthening your grip. Resistance bands are best suited as support (purchase on Amazon / DISPLAY). These are available in different strengths, so you can adjust the traction effect according to your strength level. The strap loops around the bar once, then the loop is pulled down and the feet come in. This makes the pull-up much easier. To increase the degree of difficulty, you can use a weaker band or take one foot out of the sling.

2. Australian pull-ups

Australian Pull Ups owe their name to the position. Because unlike the normal pull-up, you stay under the bar all the time (down under). For the exercise, use a crossbar that is approximately waist-high to maximum chest-high. Alternatively, gymnastic rings or a sling trainer can be used (purchase on Amazon / AD), which can be adjusted to the desired height. Now hold on to the rod and go under it so that you get in the hanging position. The legs are stretched and the feet are placed on the floor. Now pull yourself against the bar with the strength of your back until your chest touches it.

3. Pulldowns

If you can not pull a pull-up up, you can do lazy pull-downs on a weight tower as a replacement exercise. Not only do you train the performance of the exercise, you can also adjust the weight to your current strength level. When performing the exercise, it is important to keep your back straight and pull the bar toward your chest. You can find a lazy pulldown in any gym. However, there are also models for the home from around 280 € (DISPLAY).

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4. Weight rowing

Another alternative to pull-ups is weighted rowing. You can use either a barbell or two dumbbells. For the exercise, take the weights in your hand, bend forward from a standing position with your back straight and then pull your arms back past your body. If you do not feel comfortable with free weights, you can also do the exercise on a weight-controlled Smith Machine.

5. Negative pull-up as an alternative

In the event of a negative pull-up, you start in the end position of the pull-up and perform it, so to speak, backwards. To get to the starting position, you can either jump up or use a step aid (eg stool) to get up. The chin should be above the bar when you start. Then you lower yourself very slowly so that the muscles experience a stimulus.

Without pull-up bar: 5 alternatives to pull-ups at home

There are also some substitute pull-up exercises for home training that can be performed without any equipment or a pull-up bar.

6. Rest on a table edge

Find a stable table that can not tip over. Lie down and grab the edge of the table with both hands. Stretch your legs out and put your feet on the floor. Then pull yourself up on the edge of the table.

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7. Reverse elbow push-ups

Lie on your back on the floor. Now bend your arms so that your forearms point upwards. Then plant your elbows in the floor to push off. You can vary your arm position with this exercise. The arms can be at your sides or in line with your shoulders.

8. Lats pulldowns with elastic

All you need for this exercise is a resistance band (Buy on Amazon / AD). These are available in different strengths, so the training intensity can be adapted to your own strength level. Attach the resistance band to a solid object, grab the two wires, and then pull them back past your body. Alternatively, you can attach the rubber band to a hook on the ceiling and then pull it down like a lazy pulldown.

9. Pull along the floor

The following alternative to a pull-up also works on slippery floors: Lay a towel on the floor and lie on your stomach on it. Stretch your arms out in front of you and place both hands on the floor, palms flat. Now pull yourself back and forth along the floor.

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10. Pull up on the door

First, place a folded piece of paper or a wedge under the door to avoid stressing the door hinges during the exercise. Then hang a towel over the door with one end hanging down on each side. Grasp the ends of the towel with your hands and squat in front of the door. Then pull yourself up on the towel without using the strength of your legs. Should the door not support the weight, switch to another replacement exercise.

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