Werder Bremen transfers: Permanent change from Mitchell Weiser possible!

Bremen – It would be unfair to measure Mitchell Weiser’s recent performance on just two separate stages. But it was above all those who were remembered. When SV Werder Bremen beat Schalke (4-1) on Saturday, it was the 28-year-old who played a huge role in the guests’ first two goals.

First he started 1: 0 through Ilia Gruev with a long shot, then before 2: 0 he crossed the head of Niclas Füllkrug with great accuracy. But Mitchell Weiser had even more to offer and also convinced with good deeds in other moments of the game. The closer to his loan from Bayer Leverkusen is coming to an end, the stronger he gets. Werder Bremen it’s great – and maybe even more is possible.

Werder Bremen: Mitchell Weiser was not always convincing after his loan move

“Mitch played an excellent match, was extremely active and was difficult to get hold of for the opponent both offensively and defensively,” praises Clemens Fritz, Werder Bremen Head of professional football, the fast winger in conversation with DeichStube: “I’m glad to see that.”

Mainly because there was a time when there was not so much of Mitchell Weiser was to see. Right after his change on Weser he shone in the first match against Ingolstadt with a goal after a wonderful solo race, but it did not go so picture book. Good performances alternated with worse, minor injuries causing unwanted forced breaks. The desired relief remained Werder Bremen long largely ineffective, the promising lending business did not appear to be a hit at all. “He could never really find his rhythm,” Fritz declares.

Werder Bremen loaner: Unvaccinated Mitchell Weiser was often missing due to Corona

And then there was the unloved subject Corona. As an unvaccinated player had to Mitchell Weiser always in quarantine when it’s in the team of SV Werder Bremen had an infection. This particular role made his daily work even more difficult. Shortly before the turn of the year, he himself became ill for the first time, and now that he has recovered, things should really get going. But it did not work. Only a few weeks later there was the next infection and isolation.

The circumstances were not discussed in public. Also Mitchell Weiser kept low profile. His private decision remained completely private. But there were no sporting statements either. It is only now that performance is improving that he appears more often in front of microphones and cameras after matches. In a sponsorship interview, he even came up with a few small hints about his personal vaccination situation and the consequent absences. “It was more of a political thing,” he explained with a smile. “It was sad, but I had to find myself in it.”

Werder Bremen: Mitchell Weiser scored a goal against Nuremberg and two assists against Schalke

The former U21 international made that obvious. Pretty good actually. For since his second infection in January, he has been doing well Werder Bremen clearly upwards. “When he played in February and March, I found that he had performed well and consistently,” Clemens Fritz recalls. When Felix Agu was out at the same time due to an injury, he grabbed Mitchell Weiser the one offered chance and gained so much confidence from coach Ole Werner that he continued to prefer Weiser even after Agus’ return.

Until a muscle injury slowed him down again. The tough ones won fixed place was gone again. But the healing went quickly, only two games had to be left out. When the starting eleven came back towards St. Pauli, everything did not go smoothly again, but he saved just a week later Werder Bremen as a joker with his hit a point against Nuremberg. And then came Schalke 04. “Last week he rewarded himself with a goal and now again with a strong game. That, of course, is exactly what we would like to see from him, “Fritz emphasizes.

Werder Bremen transfers: Will Mitchell Weiser switch to SVW? Does Bayer Leverkusen charge a fee?

If everything goes as planned so far, then there will be hope Mitchell Weiser but only three weeks left to see anything in the Werder jersey. After the season, the loan deal ends with the Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen. There are signals from there that further cooperation with the 28-year-old is unlikely, but for the Bremen team, the resulting opportunity is not automatically a sure success. Weiser still has a contract with the factory club until the summer of 2023. Bayer currently pays a large portion of the player’s salary. Will have Werder Bremen Draw wise men, the association is dependent on help. Leverkusen gives up one transfer for example on a payment and if Weiser is willing to go into pay, the financial framework may be right.

It is therefore not impossible for the right wing to stay where it is – and that is probably also in the interests of both parties. “We have to wait and see. We sit down in peace together, but I can not say anything about that right now,” says Clemens Fritz, but also says: “But I also think he feels comfortable on the team, he gets involved well. ”And maybe he will after the summer Werder Bremen. (mbu)

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