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THW Kiel and SC Magdeburg have reached the Final Four of the DHB Cup in Hamburg. The two Bundesliga clubs lived up to their role as favorites in the semi-finals.

However, THW Kiel had great difficulty asserting themselves in the replay of last year’s semi-final against TBV Lemgo Lippe. An excellent goalkeeper Niklas Landin and a concentrated performance in the final minutes ensured that the “Zebras” won 28:26 (12:12) and could take revenge for the bankruptcy in the previous cup tournament.

“It was a difficult match. I’m just very, very happy that we kept calm and played solid in the end,” Kiel’s left winger Niclas Ekberg told NDR. His teammate Steffen Weinhold added: “Last year we played better but threw worse. The match was a bit nervous. We’re glad we won.”

In the final on Sunday, Schleswig-Holstein must improve in order to survive against SC Magdeburg. The designated champion showed a convincing performance of 30:22 (17:13) against HC Erlangen. “It was a well-deserved victory, extremely confident,” national coach Alfred Gislason said of SCM’s performance.

THW without ideas for a long time in the first paragraph

Kiel had a hard time starting early Saturday afternoon in the multifunctional arena in Volksparken. The attack by THW lacked speed and ideas against the very mobile Lemgoer cover. That coach Filip Jicha had already after about 20 minutes tried three players at midfield position in Nikola Bilyk, Domagoj Duvnjak and Miha Zarabec after about 20 minutes, testified to the record champion’s unimaginative performance.

The Schleswig-Holsteins became dangerous in the first episode primarily through the district or through individual actions of their exceptional player Sander Sagosen. Actions on the outside Magnus Landin and Ekberg? Virtually non-existent!

VIDEO: THW Kiel wins 28:26 against Lemgo Lippe (3 min)

Lemgo just before the break with three goals ahead

Lemgo, on the other hand, acted very focused and purposeful. Jonathan Carlsbogård always put his teammates in the spotlight. And the implementation rate in East Westphalia was initially better than THW’s, although coach Florian Kehrmann’s team still had a couple of free throws. After 26 minutes, the defending champion still had a deserved lead of 12: 9. Jicha took a break and began it with words that made it clear how much his handball players still had to nip in bankruptcy in the semifinals of the previous year: “We have to shake the nervousness off of us.” The coach then asked his protégés to “go bravely towards the goal”.

Jicha’s speech had the desired effect. With a 3-0 run, the “Zebras” equalized at 12:12 – the break result.

Dimensions THW Kiel: Sagosen (8), Reinkind (5), Wiencek (5), Duvnjak (2), Ekberg (2), Zarabec (2), Pekeler (1), Dahmke (1), Weinhold (1), Jacobsen (1)
TBV Lemgo Lippe: Elisson (7/3), Suton (4), Zerbe (4), G.Guardiola (3), Cederholm (2), Simak (2), Hutecek (1), Carlsbogard (1), Schagen (1), Johannesson (1)
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Landin surpasses himself

Immediately after the break, THW scored two more goals and led by 14:12. However, the record trophy winner could not break free. Lemgo – only ninth in the Bundesliga, 18 points behind second-placed Kiel – continued to play at a very high level. With a 24:23 lead and ball possession, the East Westphalians had the chance to put another goal under pressure from Kiel, who again seemed more and more nervous. But the Kehrmann team lost the ball and Wiencek equalized in a counterattack (54 ‘). Shortly after, Harald Reinkind scored for 25:24, before goalkeeper Landin calmed down, which was actually a very good shot by Tim Suton.

When Ekberg then extended THW’s lead to two hits, and the excellent Landin saved with his 14th save against Frederik Simak, the “Zebras” were on their way to victory 180 seconds before the end of the season. Sander Sagosen finally made the preliminary decision with 28:25 (58th).

Magdeburg against Erlangen only initially with difficulty

In the second semifinal, Magdeburg also faced an opponent who passionately fought for his outsider chances. Up to 7: 7 (11th), Erlangen, who had qualified for the Final Four for the first time, played on an equal footing with the Bundesliga leaders. The Franks then made too many mistakes, which SCM punished with its entire individual class.

In particular, the circles of the two Icelandic full-backs Omar Ingi Magnusson and Gisli Kristjansson were not significantly disturbed by HCE. Coach Bennet Wiegert’s team led for the first time with five goals after Kay Smits’ goal to 17:12 (25th) and had already laid the groundwork for the victory.

SCM superb even after break

Even after the break, Erlangen was overwhelmed by the Magdeburg pace. After Kristjansson had increased the lead to 21:15 for the favorite (38th), HCE coach Raul Alonso again tried to influence his players with an emotional speech and some tactical changes during the break. But the Franks did not have much to add. When Simon Jeppsson, the current top scorer in the Erlangen Bundesliga with 138 goals, failed in the 44th minute with a shot from seven meters from goalkeeper Jannick Green, most of the outsider’s fans who traveled with him must have finally realized that the slogan held. to their team’s locker room: “Time to make history” will remain a wish.

Goals SC Magdeburg: Magnusson (6/3), Kristjansson (5), Mertens (4), O’Sullivan (3), Smits (3), Musche (2), Jensen (2), Weber (2), Damgaard (1), Gullerud (1), Hornke (1)
HC Erlangen: Jeppsson (6/2), Metzner (5), Fäth (3), Zechel (3), Sellin (2), Firnhaber (1), Steinert (1), Olsson (1)

Shortly after, the Magdeburg victory, which was appropriate and in fact never in danger, was certain. “I think we lacked a little bit of experience today to deal with this situation – especially in the first half. We showed nerves of steel there,” said HCE coach Alonso.

His opponent Wiegert said regarding the final against Kiel: “THW is a house number. He has a different experience than we may have had in recent years. I’m looking forward anyway.”

Kiel's Rune Dahmke celebrates the cup victory with the fans.  © dpa - Bildfunk Photo: Axel Heimken

VIDEO: Farewell from Hamburg: Final Four was so beautiful (2 min)

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The cup is in the center circle.  © Witters Photo: Valeria Wittes

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