Radolfzell: Retirement will not be boring for the former Radolfzell police station chief

It’s a long political career that Willi Streit can look back on: He entered service in the autumn of 1976, for almost 46 years he then went through various stations and areas of responsibility, until from September 2015 he finally headed the police station in Radolfzell. . In the meantime, he has taken off his uniform – there has been a new district chief since April, Willi Streit said goodbye to his well-deserved retirement.

And he first had to get used to it: “It is true that something is missing at the moment.” He was with the police with heart and soul, there were some days when he did not want to go to work. “It was my dream job. Even though there were also challenging moments.

Serious misfortune hangs on forever

As a young officer, he was called to a traffic accident in Konstanz, where a little girl was run over by a truck. “It was really awful,” Willi Streit recalls. Especially when the mother of the victim came along. “It’s something that will stay with me forever. It was the worst thing I experienced.” What made things worse at the time was that as a young man he lacked the experience to deal with such situations.

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Such experiences, however, did not deter Willi Streit from pursuing a career in the police force. It is his belief: “If I can, I try to help as much as I can.”

Experienced a lot within the police

And there are also many positive memories from recent decades. He especially enjoyed the diversity of his career. In connection with this, Willi Streit was among others in the traffic police, became head of the financial control service in Konstanz police department, was appointed police commissioner in 1987, held several positions at Freiburg State Police and Konstanz police department and led two working groups.

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From early 2001 to early 2005, he was head of the Tuttlingen police station and then head of the Stockach police station until August 2015, before joining Radolfzell. Despite the many changes, he felt comfortable everywhere, but he did not want to stay in one position forever: “I wanted to experience a lot in the police force.”

House explosion, fire and visit by the Chancellor

Willi Streit actually has that. Not only in relation to the various tasks in his career. He also remembers several missions, such as a house explosion in Tuttlingen, in which a man deliberately manipulated the gas pipe and his wife and their child were killed. Or the fire in the Alt Stocken inn in Stockach, where people were particularly concerned about the surrounding buildings so that they did not also catch fire.

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In Radolfzell, among other things, the then Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the milk factory on the occasion of an event for the state election in 2016 invited him – and most recently the corona pandemic. It is not enough that much has to be changed and adjusted internally at the police station. To avoid confusion, they returned to the five-team service after the district in Radolfzell had previously used a model where there were no fixed service groups. “It worked well,” Willi Streit sums up, “but it took time.” There was also ongoing communication with the authorities and the constant changes to the Corona rules, which he had meanwhile lost track of. “Those are things that keep you busy,” Streit recalls. “It was really a stressful time.”

And Corona gave problems in another respect: The parting for retirement had to take place in a very small group. Willi Streit would have liked to say goodbye to colleagues, contacts, for example from the administration and groups such as THW and the German Red Cross on a larger scale. “I very much regretted that it was not possible.” Nevertheless, he understood that restrictions had to be made due to the pandemic.

He still has a lot to do

And now? Is the former district chief bored if the police service is no longer needed every day? No, says Willi Streit. On the one hand, he is already busy with a new project: together with other helpers, he will prepare the honorary cemetery in his hometown Steißlingen, which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. For this purpose, 206 concrete crosses must be cleaned. In addition, the creation of a presentation on the history of the cemetery and the two world wars is being considered.

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The honorary positions held by Willi Streit also provide employment. He has previously held many positions, including on the board of FC Steißlingen, and he still has several tasks today: he has been a member of the CDU’s parliamentary group in the Steißlingen municipal council since 1994, he is also a member of the district council, chairman of the CDU district association in Konstanz and Vice President of the State Traffic Police. It was not always easy to combine volunteer work with everyday work, Streit admits – he took care of his honorary positions in the evenings and on weekends, which was very challenging. Nevertheless, Willi Streit did not want to do without his duties: “Those honorary posts have always given me joy.”

More time for sports and books

Willi Streit does not yet know if he wants to run for city council again in the future. However, he resigns as chairman of the district association. And then the former district manager will use his retirement to enjoy his free time more. For example, he likes to play sports and has previously tried to use his lunch break to jog or work out in the gym. “And I really like reading.” In addition, he will not get up quite as early as when he was working, he said he woke up at 05.15 to have time for breakfast, the morning newspaper and to talk to colleagues from the night shift. But Willi Streit will probably not be in bed until dinner: “I will definitely get up early,” he says with a smile.

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