“No longer acceptable”: Heavy refereeing scolding out of Lothar Matthäus

“No longer acceptable”
Heavy refereeing scolding from Lothar Matthäus

Once again, the judges are under criticism. VAR fails in Munich and Leipzig. Former judge Manuel Gräfe sees DFB as responsible and proposes Urs Meier for a fresh start. Lothar Matthäus supports involving former footballers. It remains complicated.

Following the referee’s wrong decisions in the Bundesliga weekend, the criticism is growing – also with the German Football Association. The former top judge Manuel Graefe blames many years of error development in DFB for the errors and calls for a “restart”. Record country player Lothar Matthäus suggests former professional footballers in support of the video assistant after “decisions that are no longer so easy to accept”. DFB had even admitted mistakes made by referees in two matches.

On Saturday, the role as video assistant in the Bundesliga again drew criticism. In the top match between FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund (3-1), VAR did not intervene after Benjamin Pavard had attacked BVB professional Jude Bellingham from the penalty spot. In the 2-1 victory for 1. FC Union in RB Leipzig, the video assistant reported a kick from Leipzig’s Nordi Mukiele against Berlin’s Niko Gießelmann, but the referee did not change his decision. Video Evidence Project Manager Jochen Drees explained in a DFB announcement on Monday that wrong decisions had been made in both cases.

“It is time, after DFB has run the referee structurally and personally against the wall for twelve years, to ask the question of responsibility,” Graefe wrote in a guest comment in the newspaper “Bild”, adding: “If it is in a club or does . not working in a company for years, at some point the management level will rightly be held accountable. “

Gräfe has an idea

The judges have been organized in an outsourced GmbH since January 1st. Referee Lutz Michael Fröhlich is responsible for the area of ​​”sports and communication”, while department head Florian Götte is responsible for “management and organization”. DFB is the majority shareholder with 51 percent, the German football league is also a shareholder.

There were simply too many wrong decisions, some of which were clearly wrong, said Gräfe, who emphasized: “Here we are again with the performance principle, which unfortunately has been at the back of the DFB referee management for a long time. Formerly with managers Fandel and Krug, today with Fröhlich , Meyer and Drees. ” DFB – and now also DFL – is required, because it can not fit that this problem is so bad for the Bundesliga. “Obviously, wrong decisions have no necessary consequences because people prefer to choose judges for positions or tasks based on personal, regional or political aspects.”

Gräfe, who had to end his career in the summer of 2021 due to the age limit and was therefore in a pinch at DFB, is calling for a “restart without these political influences”. The 48-year-old Berliner proposes the engagement of former Swiss judge Urs Meier, who can act “independently and performance-oriented”.

Matthew sees room for improvement

However, Matthäus could imagine former professional footballers being used as support. The proposal is not new. “As former footballers, we can assess it better because we ourselves have been in these situations for years and know what it looks like when you are committed or committed. How to fall, where the ball moves when it or it is in front it happens. And most importantly, we see it faster, “Matthäus wrote in a Sky column. The intuition of ex-football players is different in such cases.

Nevertheless, Matthäus is opposed to abolishing the video judge again. That would be “a step back,” the 1990 world champion said, “I think the bottom line is that more wrong decisions are being prevented than before, and there is still room for improvement.”

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