Next setback in the playoffs: BG Göttingen suffered a home defeat against the promoted Heidelberg

There are games where little or nothing succeeds. And BG Göttingen caught one of these Wednesday night. The home game against promoted MLP Academics Heidelberg was surprisingly lost in their own hall.


Vargas: “We played kindergarten basketball”

Before the match, BG captain Akeem Vargas spoke about a “must-win match” in an interview with Magenta Sport. After the last siren, he said into the same microphone, “We played kindergarten basketball today.” His team’s performance was “very, very soft”. Heidelberg, on the other hand, played hard and worked hard, says Vargas. “I was partly disappointed with myself and my team that we failed to counter Heidelberg’s aggressiveness.”

BG Goettingen – MLP Academics Heidelberg, BBL 2021/22

BG Göttingen captured a pitch black day and are clearly defeated by promoted Heidelberg in front of their own stronghold.

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Not only the captain, but everyone who sticks with BG, should have felt disappointment in light of the poor performance in Göttingen. The best three-point team in the league was only able to convert seven out of a total of 32 three-pointers – an underground rate of 21.9 percent. It did not look better from the two-man area for long stretches of the match. Göttingen also made 15 ball losses. Alarming numbers for a team that has playoff ambitions and is now talking more and more openly about it.

The opening minutes are still balanced

The 1,847 spectators in Göttingen Sparkassen-Arena still experienced balanced early minutes, where the hosts above all scored their points beyond the three-point line, and Heidelberg could again and again assert itself well in the zone. Stephen Brown scored after about four minutes with a three to 8: 8, shortly after Jeff Roberson brought the Göttingen team ahead with another three to 11: 9 (5th).

That should have been the last BG lead in this meeting. The offensive play of the violins then experienced an inexplicable break. It seemed as if BG had left the pitch, individual errors and ball losses accumulated. Heidelberg used this weakness phase to turn the match around with a 6-0 run (15: 11/8). After the first ten minutes, the guests led 22:18.

The problems in Göttingen in the offensive continued in the second quarter. While the Violets had hit three out of four three-pointer attempts in the beginning, they did not manage a single three-pointer in the second quarter – instead, there were twelve failed attempts in a row until the break siren. Heidelberg, who really did not play excellent, but played consistently and efficiently, was able to slowly but surely extend their lead to 34:22 (17th). The BG, who had been waiting for a basket for more than five minutes, could at least shorten before the break to 28:36.

BG knocked off even after the switch

But after the break, the team from Göttingen lacked their potential and could not solve their problems, especially with the three points. Third quarter went to the guests from Heidelberg with 22:12, who in the meantime had already been in the lead with more than 20 points. The promoted player literally played the playoff aspirant against the wall.

When the last quarter began with a score of 40:58 from Göttingen’s point of view, the hope of catching up was already fading. In retrospect, they would have been completely in vain. BG was never able to jeopardize Heidelberg’s victory and in the final minutes only tried to catch up.

Head coach Roel Moors also condemned that it was not the first time this season that Göttingen’s people stood in each other’s way: “We were actually never in the match. It was very disappointing. It is easy and difficult at the same time. We fight our own demons, “the Belgian said at the post – match press conference. “You can see that in everything: in our body language, in our rhythm in the game, in our hit rate. Both teams had bad three-point chances today, but the difference is that the opponent was willing to put the ball under the basket and score there. , “said Moors. “Eventually, when the match was almost lost, we scored. Maybe we feel too much pressure. We need to return to being the team that plays with confidence and believes that they can beat any opponent. It is far away at the moment “But it can come back quickly in basketball. That’s my main task at the moment.”

BG Goettingen – MLP Academics Heidelberg 70:82 (18:22, 10:14, 12:22, 30:24)

BG: Toolson (7 points / 1 treble / 3 rebounds / 1 assist), Frey (4/0/3/1), Roberson (8/2/5/1), Vargas (10/2/1/3), Hujic (0/0/0/1), Wuellner (0/0/1/0), Hartwich (7/0/7/0), Moenninghoff (8/1/1/1), Brown (8/1/2 ) / 4), Grimes (6/0/7/0), Giotis (2/0/0/0), Baldwin (10/0/2/0). Team values: field shots 26/63 (41.3%), threes 7/32 (21.9%), free throw 4/5 (80%), rebounds 35 (10 off./25 def.), Assists 12, ball loss 15, error 20.

Heidelberg: Watkins (2 points / 0 rebounds / 0 rebounds / 0 assists), Chapman (18/1/10/0), Würzner (5/1/3/2), Lowery (5/1/4/6), Ely ( 8/1/5/0), Ugrai (16/0/2/1), Martin (17/0/3/0), Ghost (9/0/5/7), Osaghae (2/0/0 / 0), Friederici (0/0/1/0). Team values: field throw 32/60 (53.3%), threes 4/22 (18.2%), free throw 14/22 (63.6%), rebounds 35 (8 off./27 def.), Assists 16 , turnovers 11, violates 19.

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