NBA Playoffs: Pelicans Annoy Chris Chris

The New Orleans Pelicans tied the series with the Phoenix Suns as an 8-seed. This was possible because Chris Paul could not take over in game 4. The Point God got nervous by two beginners.

Just to put one thing aside. No, Scott Foster was not scheduled to referee Game 4 between New Orleans and Phoenix this time, but Chris Paul seemed just as nervous in the fourth quarter as he usually is when his personal enemy (0-14 in the playoffs, last game 2 of the current series) has the pipe in its mouth.

No, as the Suns lost 103: 118, it was the right opponents on the field that made Point God nervous. Namely the two rookies Herb Jones and Jose Alvarado. In games 1 and 3, CP3 had led the Suns to late victories, and this time everything was ready for it. The Pelicans led by 10 points after 36 minutes, but that lead was halved within a minute.

However, it did not get better for the guests, mainly because Paul could not keep the engine running. The barely 37-year-old hit his first two throws in the first quarter, but then only six more tickets had to be added. In addition, Paul made 2 turnovers in the fourth quarter, and the first one especially changed the dynamics of the game.

Alvarado actually succeeded that Paul could not get the ball over the halfway line in eight seconds – Smoothie King Center raged. So when Jonas Valanciunas scored 5 straight and Jae Crowder threw a throw into Herb Jones’ arms, CP3 got frustrated. His blow to the head of the Pels attackers could very well have led to expulsion, the referees left it with an obvious 1 error.

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