Music meets yoga at the first RISE festival in Luitpoldpark

From 9 to 12 June, the RISE Festival premieres in Bad Kissingen. Organizers Manuela and Marco Hohner promise a “completely new festival concept”, with music and yoga meeting in Luitpoldparken. But what exactly can visitors expect? Which famous bands come to the spa town and what is the name of the event? The Hohners revealed it to this editorial in an interview.

Question: You are announcing a brand new festival concept. What exactly can people in Bad Kissingen look forward to?

Marco Hohner: We are hosting a brand new festival with the combination of music, yoga and related. It is not so easy to summarize because it is so complex.

Manuela Hohner: It simply becomes the perfect blend of participation, relaxation and entertainment. During the day, from early in the morning until around 6 p.m. Young musicians from the region play all day, and in the evening there are concerts with bands known throughout Germany.

You call it all the RISE Festival. What does this name stand for?

Marco Hohner: ‘increase’ (from English, editor’s note) means ‘to rise’. This reflected our core idea. We want to grow as individuals and inspire other people to focus on themselves and gain strength from within.

Manuela Hohner: If the individual also takes care of himself and therefore can live happier and more satisfied, it is good for society.

You live in Bamberg yourself. How did you find Bad Kissingen as a location?

Marco Hohner: We were looking for a place across Bavaria that could also be easily reached by train. In addition, Bad Kissingen has the historical background as a city of healing. It really attracted us and Luitpoldparken just blew our minds while we were there. You do not have the feeling of being in a cozy little town, but in the middle of nature. This combines everything we were looking for.

Is the program ready? What big names are coming to town?

Manuela Hohner: ‘Pohlmann’ is probably the most well-known when it comes to the general public. ‘Matze Rossi’ is a name in the area right now, but also in Germany. Then on Sunday we have a band that fits perfectly with our concept, ‘Berge’ from Berlin. On Saturday night, fellow musicians from the regional stage will also play for a fundraising concert in favor of Ukraine.

Marco Hohner: ‘Berge’ writes a lot of good texts that deal with topics such as environmental protection and animal welfare. They simply spread a positive mood, and we want to convey that with the festival. When it comes to yoga workshops, we are very fortunate to have so many international teachers who are well known on the stage around the world.

How many people do you expect? And how does ticket sales work?

Manuela Hohner: How many actually come, of course, is hard to say. We expect 500 guests during the day and up to 1500 people in the evening. Corona, of course, played a role in the planning. We are not planning a mass event and have deliberately chosen a spacious place near Saalemander.

Marco Hohner: There are different types of cards available through our website. There are three and a half day tickets for all workshops and concerts, but also day tickets and tickets for the evening concerts.

To the people

Manuela (36) and Marco (41) Hohner live in Bamberg. Both studied jazz at the Wrzburg University of Applied Sciences. The couple have been self-employed in the music business for 15 years and ran their own music school in Bamberg before the Corona pandemic. Both have also completed various training courses in yoga, Manuela Hohner is also an Ayurveda health and nutrition consultant.

Source: RISE Festival

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