Møller’s injury destroys Würzburg Basket’s joy over the victory in the last home game

Finally, Captain Felix Hoffmann, who was standing on the floor in civilian clothes and wearing special shoes, put a chair on the field and pulled a sweater over the backrest. And between the legs of the chair he also put one with the number 22. Craig Møller has the number for this round. At the victory Humba shortly after, Hoffmann jumped a little with the jersey in his hands. The great joy of the basketball Bundesliga club s.Oliver Würzburg on the well-deserved 92:86 (38:41) victory against play-off participants MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, the 14th success of this round, in the last home game of the season was foggy from the serious injuries

The German-Australian landed so badly after a failed attempt to defend himself that he could not even get up. After a short time, ambulance people rushed to the floor with a mobile stretcher, the 27-year-old drove into the locker room and then during the break in front of the hall, where Sanka was waiting for transport to the hospital. . The next serious injury in the baskets, which will certainly rejoice in having sacked the league since Easter.

Baskets without Hoffmann, Hunt and Parody

In the fight against the Swabians, the Basket had to do without Hoffmann and Aigars Skele, as they have been doing for weeks, also their two playmakers Luciano Parodi (muscular problems) and Cameron Hunt (gastrointestinal disease), who have been so strong lately. Under all these conditions, it was all the more astonishing how passionately the Baskets went to their evening work and never gave up.

After a fairly balanced first quarter (17:18), the Baskets ran a 13: 4 run to an eight-point lead (30:22), which the visitors countered with a 10: 0. The Würzburg team went into the locker room three points behind (38:41), and if the first half provided a lot of entertainment and a good atmosphere in the arena, this should only increase in the second half.

In addition to the purely sporting, rather high quality that both teams offered and the 500th submission by Bundesliga record player Alex King (now 636 matches), there was the small private dispute that Desi Rodriguez kept public at the time. In the first showdown in December, which was lost 68:83, where the Baskets could only really hold out for a quarter of an hour, it was palpable what paralysis and cramping overmotivation could also lead to: Rodriguez, who had a barely memorable first season at Ludwigsburg last season experienced Europe, had already wanted to show it to his former coach John Patrick – but remained completely pale and delivered by far his worst performance in curve-dress.

Desi Rodriguez’s clash with Ludwigsburg coach John Patrick

On Tuesday night, the American, who turned 26 in March, channeled his emotions. And his skill. With 23 points and ten rebounds, the man from the Bronx was again not only Würzburg’s most accurate striker, but also the most effective Baskets player. And not only did he allow himself some obviously pleasant conversations with the Ludwigsburg players – at least if one interpreted his smile and laughter correctly – that he apparently also still has at least a small score to deal with the former Würzburg- coach Patrick, was very nice. to look after five minutes of the second half: After scoring twelve and 13 points with a layup, he sat down in front of Patrick in the running back. And also whispered something to him.

Later, in the final quarter, just over four minutes before the end, the match was repeated before the American lowered his bonus free throw to 80:76. When the New Yorker then lost his points 21 and 22 to lead 87:78 74 seconds before the end of the game and thus put a lid on this game, he failed to greet his former coach as he ran back. Seconds later, he urged the spectators, who were now standing on the sidelines, to clap along.

Which, of course, they followed diligently. In any case, Baskets coach Sasa Filipovski was pleased with his men’s performance, congratulated them again and thanked the fans. “We managed to find a way to win the match despite missing a lot of players.” And then the 47-year-old Slovenian said he would pray for Craig Møller.

The statistics of the game

Basketball, Bundesliga men:

s.Oliver Würzburg – MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg 92:86 (17 18, 21:23, 19:17, 35:28)

Würzburg: Rodriguez 23 (10 rebounds), Callison 20 (4 steals), Buford 19 (6 assists), Stanic 12, Albus 8, Møller 4, Abu 4, Boehmer 2, King.

Top scorer Ludwigsburg: Woodard 21, Simon 14, Wohlfarth-Bottermann 15, Radebaugh 13, Alkins 11.

Rebounds: 33 – 39

Hits from the field: 33/64 (52%) – 30/66 (45%)

Basket templates: 20 – 12

Three: 6/20 (30%) – 6/25 (24%)

released: 20/23 (87%) – 20/26 (77%)

spectators: 1805

Source: s.Oliver Würzburg

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