Michael Ballack shocks “Lion’s Den” investors: “He really drinks it”

Hi, this is Michael Ballack! The long-time captain of the German national football team became one of the company’s founders.photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

“Wow, celebrities in” The Lion’s Cave “: Not only Ralf Dümmel was amazed when the longtime captain of the German national football team appeared on the Vox show. Michael Ballack revealed himself as a garden fan. Investors shouted for his green product.

Rupert Sommer

Suddenly there was a stadium atmosphere at Vox: When a trio of men with spread legs went through the burgundy into “Løvens Hule” on Monday night, the memory of the player tunnel and the very large competition arenas was left. And the man in the middle reported back with a smile in the spotlight: Michael Ballack, for many years “Capitano” for the German national football team, has ventured into a new field.

He is now a start-up founder. And that with a very down-to-earth company. Behind “Lucky Plant”, a company that the captain runs together with his friend Bernhard Unger, a florist and plant dealer, and Thomas Hüster, who has a doctorate in agriculture, is an organic fertilizer product. “With Lucky Plant, we bring your plants up to Champions League level,” said the former professional from Bayern Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Chelsea FC, returning to the world of top football, at least linguistically.

Ballack raves about “energy drink for plants”

The idea for his new “plant amplifier” comes from the sports star’s and family father’s many years of lawn practice. Ballack dealt intensively with the products used on football pitches. “I quickly noticed that these have a high chemical content,” he said at the pitch presentation. A son would often even have exhibited allergic reactions after exercise. So Ballack was looking for an organic alternative.

To show it

To show that the “Lucky Plant” soda additive is completely harmless, the founders started a drink. The presentation of Bernhard Unger (left), Michael Ballack (center) and Thomas Hüster delighted the “lions”.photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Colleague Thomas Hüster, who has been researching plants for over 20 years, introduced Ballack and his friend to a very special plant – the begink. Except that, according to the agronomist, it should actually be called “carnation”: “It produces special secondary plant substances that promote the growth and development of plants and the uptake of nutrients,” the expert explained. “She does it not only for herself but also for other plants that grow near her. We wanted to apply this knowledge to our product.”

The result was “Lucky Plant”, a 100 percent organic plant enhancer that relies on the power of six wild herbs and is added to the irrigation water as an effervescent tablet or as a powder. “Lucky Plant is the energy drink for plants,” Ballack exclaimed at the product presentation. After all, “Lucky Plant” ensures more flowering and longer flowering phase. Lawns become more robust. The German market is large. But Ballack also thinks of English lawns. After all, he played football on the island for a long time.

Will he not? “He really drinks it!”

What followed swept the already attentively listening “lions” almost completely from their stadium seats. It was important for Michael Ballack to show how natural and healthy his “energy drink” actually is. And then the lawn captain dissolved one of his effervescent tablets in a glass of water with the two players and started a very special bowl: “We want bowls for common, healthy, sustainable growth!”

Ralf Dümmel loved it. “He’s really drinking it,” he wondered as Ballack bravely swallowed his already patented plant growth supplement for demonstration purposes. “Watercraft,” cheered Judith Williams. Of course, the puzzling question arose as to whether “Lucky Plant” also had a “strengthening” effect on the human organism. “I’m actually 97 years old,” laughed co-founder Bernhard Unger. In fact, he’s 54.

Three offers for Ballack’s crew

Perhaps it was because of the relaxed, almost lukewarm mood that the money negotiations themselves, such as Ballack and Co. had come to the “lion’s den” for, went so smoothly – and joyfully – for the green founders. The footballer wanted 100,000 euros in return for 20 percent of the company’s shares.

For Ballack, more important than the money injection is the power of the lion, which is supposed to bring “Lucky Plant” quickly to many do-it-yourself and garden centers. “I have a good network in football,” he said, “but when you want to bring a product like this to market, it’s not that easy.” The ex-national player was looking for “a professional partner who has the necessary know-how and network”.

And it soon became clear that such a partner would be found: After all, both the passionate gardener Carsten Maschmeyer and the female duo Dagmar Wöhrl and the new guest investor Sarna Röser promptly prayed.

Dozen and fast short pass kick with Ralf Dümmel

However, a real football fan threw himself most passionately into the bidding war: Ralf Dümmel, who even spontaneously called Michael Ballack first name and later played a few short passes with him on the studio stage. All three offers unreservedly accepted the demands of the “Lucky Plant” founders. Now the lions suddenly shook. How would the courted star decide?

So salvation: Michael Ballack chose Ralf Dümmel as the fourth man for his team! The hamburger could hardly rest. “I do not have a green thumb,” he admitted openly. “I have red thumbs,” he said. “I crossed my fingers for myself.” Now the trading expert will see the company grow and flourish rapidly. Nothing stands in the way of Ballack’s second dream career.

If no one wants to eat the organic biscuits

Tastes not good, there is no money: Judith Williams liked the idea behind sustainable use of leftovers

Tastes not good, there is no money: Judith Williams liked the idea of ​​sustainable leftovers behind “Dishes Kracker”. However, the taste of snacks based on pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and apple presses completely failed her.photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

The “Le Gurque” founders, who have developed an organic alternative to kitchen sponges in plastic, also left the square on Monday with a sustainable trade. They used the spongy fibrous tissue from an Asian cucumber species. After farting, Carsten Maschmeyer also agreed to support “Read-O,” an app solution for intelligent, personalized book recommendations.

For the finale of the show, which was particularly exciting this time around, an all-female founding team also relied on a smart digital application: the lion trio of Maschmeyer, Wöhrl and Rösner will make the young talent platform “Xeem” great. Only the ambitious young food experts adopted “Savior Kracker” without surcharge. Your organic snacks made from Kernel leftovers are meant to be sustainable. Just stupid: these things are pretty daunting. “If no one likes it, then you do not save it,” Judith Williams said.

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