In Göttingen, basketball has long surpassed football

The big matches in 1. SC Göttingen 05 were a long time ago: In the southern city of Lower Saxony, football is now languishing. And the prospects are pretty modest.

The 05s once filled stadiums in the Bundesliga – like here in 1967 against Alemannia Aachen.
image / Horstmüller

Well-known northern German football clubs have more or less disappeared – including Göttingen 05. The club, which was founded in 1905 from the university town in southern Lower Saxony, has experienced a motley history as few. There were many excellent fights, great victories, bitter and disappointing defeats, promotions and relegations, an insolvency that was still averted in 1996, and a bankruptcy that could no longer be avoided in 2003.

Since then, the great, flourishing times of blacks and yellows have watered down history – since the 05s, whose spelling was changed from “1. SC 05” to “I. SC 05” after the bankruptcy in 2003 (note the Roman numeral spelling) in the lower middle football building around. This season, Göttinger moves in the gray mediocrity of the state league Braunschweig.

Coach and assistant coach away

They have just had a coaching staff in the back again, which created unrest. Kevin Martin, who came before the season from SG Rehbachtal’s district league team, gave up early with his assistant coach Annabelle Winkelmann. A-Junior coach Nils Leunig (also sponsor manager of the Bundesliga basketball club BG Göttingen) took over until after the end of the first half of the season an old acquaintance returned: Jozo “Jelle” Brinkwerth (56), until then assistant coach at the neighboring department SSV Nörten-Hardenberg, who was not exactly happy about Brinkwerth’s departure. Between 2010 and 2013, he coached the Göttingen district and 1st SC 05 successor club RSV 05.

The problem of football in Göttingen can also be illustrated with the current 05s. Instead of pushing a club, strengthening it and turning it into a galleon figure, almost a dozen district clubs are messing around – without much success and more insignificance. One does not despise the other anything. The Oberliga team SVG Göttingen may play a class higher than 05, but like neighbor FC Eintracht Northeim, they will have to fight in the relegation round to stay up, which is difficult to achieve – six out of ten teams will go down in the state league. A point game city derby between 05 and SVG would then be possible again …

The good old days

Beyond the city and regional boundaries, “I. SC 05” still has the best known name. Which is due to the supposedly “good old days”. In the 1950s, 05 played in the Oberliga Nord (then the top division), tackled the Bundesliga in the late 1960s (in legendary matches against Hertha BSC, SV Alsenborn, etc.) and was a founding member of the 2nd Bundesliga in the 1970s. . There were also legendary cup matches as against HSV and Eintracht Frankfurt in front of up to 25,000 spectators. Incredible numbers today. In addition, coaches and players like the unforgettable coach Fritz Rebell or defenders like Helmut Hinberg or “Charly” Sachse.

Not only many 05ers remember the drama of 2001 about the missed promotion to the third division. Insolvency threatened for the second time, but 05 still played the promotion matches against Holstein Kiel. Göttingen lost the first match 2-0 at KSV Holstein, in the second match 7,000 spectators celebrated a 3-0 victory, where captain Tobias Dietrich (also in Hannover 96) scored twice. Two days later, DFB rejected the license from Göttingen. Once again, the board and management level did not work seriously enough. Dandelion with the rise! After a long insolvency procedure, where the creditors received almost nothing, it went down in the district class with the rescue club RSV Göttingen 05, from where they fought back to the Premier League for many difficult years, but could not keep it. either. Again and again, personal details and – of course – lack of money created unrest.

At present, however, under Thorsten Richter and ex-player Daniel Washausen (his father Günter was one of the ex-chairmen), a matter-of-fact and calm working board is in place, which places great emphasis on youth work. The A-Juniors are currently number two in the Lower Saxony league and are hoping for promotion to the regional league. The C-Juniors are doing well in the Regionalliga Nord (the highest German league in this age group).

But what good is it? Although the name “05” is still a well-known name in German football circles – basketball has long since overtaken football in Göttingen, although many 05ers can not get over it. BG Göttingen is currently playing at the top level in the Bundesliga’s front field this season. Football presents itself in the 5th league with SVG and with 05 only in the 6th league …

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