Handball: Kiel wins last final round! THW is Hamburg’s eternal cup winner – sports mix

THW Kiel has filled the dozen!

In the arena, which was sold out with 13,200 spectators, the second in the table over the league leader SC Magdeburg won in the cup final and won clearly in the end – 28:21 (12:13).

After 28 years in the Hanseatic city, the final round in 2023 now moves to Cologne (contract until 2027) – the melancholy arose.

“I enjoyed the weekend, this big hall, our fan block in white. It was a great honor for me to play here”, Kiel captain Domagoj Duvnjak was close to tears. Then the Croatian gave the green light to the winning party in Kiel: “We wanted to leave Hamburg as eternal winners, and we did. I’m the beer guard here. A lot happens here … “

The handball heavyweights’ duel, the new edition of the 2019 final, was long reminiscent of a wrestling match. Pull, tear, hold, push!

The many spectators, mostly dressed in fancy clothes, had a lot of fun and turned the arena into a loud party kettle. Emotions ran high – along with the half-time siren. Not everyone kept track of it …

“I would like to become a professional player for games like this, that’s what I train for every day,” says Kiel’s Norwegian Sander Sagosen happily.

dishonest play

► HBL CEO Frank Bohmann (57) stepped up unsolicited against Hamburg and especially Barclays Arena. “The city of Hamburg and the arena are doing well. But you also notice that there has not been a home team here for a few years. An investment in the sport is necessary. ” All active people saw it completely differently. And: The gratitude to the long-term arena partner (20 years) is different!

error planning

► The two Promotional banner under the roof of the hall was mounted so frivolously that many could scarcely comprehend the announcements.

Free seats

► Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Gunther (48) came in a THW shirt and with a fan scarf. Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher (56) and sports senator Andy Grote (53) was missing once again. A “Hamburg Active City” should be represented differently.

fan stand

► Who is to blame? that access control did not work as expected. Because not only bags but also vaccination status and personal details were checked, the fans stood in line for more than 45 minutes (queues more than 200 meters long). A large part threatened to miss the start of the first semi-final on Saturday and the start of the final. As a result, the control of vaccination status was omitted without further ado. HBL blamed Barclays Arena. Those in charge of the arena immediately threw the ball, citing the lack of equipment (including scanners) at HBL. Well it did not rain …

The cup pendulum swung back and forth up to 20:19 (46th) before the team from Kiel increased the match. At the back, Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Pekeler (now ex-national players) showed why they are perhaps the best midfielder in the world at the moment. World handball player Niklas Landin (best goalkeeper and MVP of the final 4) ran hot again, closed the box as in the semifinal against TBV Lemgo (28:26).

The best in his field has the trophy!  World handball player Niklas Landin (M.) became Foto: WITTERS

” data-zoom-src=”https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/der-beste-seines-fachs-hat-den-pokal-welthandballer-niklas-landin-m–wurde-mvp-des-turniers-f9c8d2533fd8487ca572efa484b0223a-79870184/Bild/4.bild.jpg”/>

The best in his field has the trophy! World handball player Niklas Landin (M.) became “MVP” of the tournamentPhoto: WITTERS

In the attack, led by Sagosen (7 goals, best F4 shooter), the majority game (seventh field goal for the goalkeeper) worked better and better with pivot Pekeler. “The THW was so incredibly effective,” praises SCM coach Bennet Wiegert, whose team had surely defeated Erlangen (30:22) in the semifinals. “They are still very much ahead of us in terms of experience and routine.” And yet it was only small things.

His Kiel colleague Filip Jicha (“I’m very sorry we’re leaving Hamburg”) then enjoyed a sip from a THW sponsor’s Magnum bottle. “We want to write history, and we succeeded. Our will was magnificent. “

… and have not been breastfed yet. In the league, the second place (Champions League qualification) should be secured, in the premier class (quarter-final against Paris) it should go to the next Final4 …

“The success is so much the better because we won against the team that dominates the league,” said Kiel CEO Viktor Szilagyi. “We only conceded eight goals after the break. We did not always stay calm in the 60 minutes, but we always kept to our plan. We kept a cool head in this incredible atmosphere. The title is a reward for a lot of work during the season. And it’s not over yet … “

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