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With the Giants against Rangers, there has been an AFL match since April 10 – but there will be a restart on Saturday. Then a full 3 weeks are played through to the next collective farewell week.

Two matches will be played in Vienna on Saturday. In Floridsdorf, the previously undefeated Danube Dragons welcome the Rangers, who have recently become stronger. Mödlinger has after a devastating 14:48-Started in Prague their matches against Telfs and won especially in Graz. The Dragons not only have three victories in the AFL under their belt, but also had a victory over Belgrade Vukovi in ​​the CEFL international last week. So there should be no lack of confidence for any of them at the moment.

A clearer favorite can be identified in Simmering, at least on paper: 2-0 The Vikings receive 0-2 Ducks. Despite the presumed clear starting position, it is a trap game for the record champions. On the one hand, Salzburg suffered two very narrow defeats against undefeated teams, on the other hand, the Vikings Defense completely missed on April 9 against the Raiders. Advantage Vikings: Their offensive is fully there, that of the Ducks is not yet.

These Raiders will play against the Steelsharks in Saturday’s third game in Traun. Both teams are still without a win. The reigning Austrian Bowl champion at least gave an offensive sign of life in the home game against the Vikings and still hopes for a turnaround after losing to the promoted Telfs in the beginning. However, Steelshark’s chances for a first victory over the Raiders in the Bundesliga have never been better. Although they have not won a game in 2022 either, they have looked competitive against both the Dragons and the Giants.

When Bohemia was still part of Austria …

On Sunday, the Austrian Bundesliga is played exclusively in the Czech Republic. Znojmo receives Telfs and the Giants have a difficult task ahead of them in Prague to get back on track. Grazer’s defeat against Rangers was unexpected and left its mark. The opponent is an old acquaintance and the record is actually really good. Last year, the Czechs were clearly knocked away 41:17. In 2019, there was one there 35:14-Success. The last loss is from the 2015 season. Overall, the Giants are 8-4.

The importance of the game is also emphasized by the Giants head coach Doug Adkins out:

“It’s a very important match for us, our first away match against an unbeaten team. They are very strong on both sides of the ball, has a very explosive open offense with a quarterback who is both very good at running and passing. Your defense is physical. We look forward to a very competitive and physical match. ”

In Znojmo, the Knights at least sense their chance for the first victory of the season, even though the opponent is the “champion winner”. It was put into perspective again in Mödling. Telfs has done well in the “purified” AFL, but it will be difficult to play a major role this year, as it was for Znojmo.

Austrian Football League WEEK 5

Danube Dragons (3-0) vs. Rangers Mödling (2-1)
SAT 30 April 2022 at 14.00 SR Donaufeld Vienna

Steelshark’s Traun (0-2) vs. Raiders Tyrol (0-2)
SAT 30 April 2022 16.00 Idrætscenter Traun
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Vienna Vikings (2-0) vs Salzburg Ducks (0-2)
SAT 30 April 2022 at 18.00 Football Center Ravelinstraße Vienna
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Znojmo Knights (0-2) vs Telfs Patriots (1-1)
SUNDAY 1 May 2022 at 14.00 Mestsky Stadium Znojmo

Prague Black Panthers (2-0) vs Graz Giants (1-1)
SUNDAY 1 May 2022 15:00 · SK Prosek Graz

The four Division 3 matches are all played on Saturday. Like Division 2, do not let the previous records fool you. The Mustangs, Broncos, Wild and Vikings DT each have two wins at the green table against the Styrian Panthers. The directors withdrew at short notice after a successful qualification.

The best game of the round is probably in Stockerau. Newcomer AFC Grizzlies have already won their first win in the club’s history, as well as their first home win. The opponent is with the Huskies Wels this time, but a much bigger caliber. The Upper Austrians missed a shutout for the Bastards and Predators and achieved their third win in the current championship against the Ravens.

These ravens, in turn, make guest appearances with the Bastards, and the Sarlingers face further problems. Their performances against Wels and Stockerau so far give no reason to hope for the season’s first win against Pongauer, which features players from the disbanded Pinzgau Celtics.

The game between the Mustangs and Wild in Ebenfurth is an advantage for neighbors in need. That does not mean last year’s Division 4 champion from Schlögmühl, who was still without a win, but Ukraine.

Finally, the Vikings Division visits Team Broncos in Klosterneuburg. The fights between the two were fiercely fought last year. At home, the Broncos lost to the Viennese 24:30on Ravelinstrasse they provided a service 22:20-Success.

AFL Division 3 WEEK 4

Mostviertel Bastards (0-2) vs. Pongau Ravens (1-1)
SAT 30 April 2022 at 15.00 SV Sarling

Ebenfurth Mustangs (3-0) vs BlackValley Wild (2-2)
SAT 30 April 2022 at 15.00 Mustangs Ranch Ebenfurth

AFC Grizzlies (2-0) vs. Huskies Catfish (3-0)
SAT 30 April 2022 at 15.30 Stadion Alte Au

Klosterneuburg Broncos (3-1) vs Vienna Vikings DT (3-0)
SAT 30 April 2022 at 16.00 Broncos Field Klosterneuburg

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