Ex-Bayern Lahm and Rummenigge sound the alarm: “There is no tension”

Updated on 26/04/2022 at 10:55

  • FC Bayern Munich’s 10th championship proves the boredom of the German championship.
  • Former club manager Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and former captain Philipp Lahm are concerned about the attractiveness of the Bundesliga.
  • Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann, on the other hand, is already talking about the 11th championship.

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Bayern Munich’s dominance is historic. The 10th championship in a row is the longest series ever in a European top league. But even the people who played a major role in some of these titles are now concerned about the attractiveness of the Bundesliga.

“It’s obviously not good,” eight-time German champion Philipp Lahm told the “current sports studio” at ZDF. “I also do not think it is so good for Bayern that they are champions so early. It may happen that they become champions one after the other. But it should be closer that the Bundesliga is exciting to the last and not always decided four matches before the end. “

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who was CEO of FC Bayern until last year, apparently sees it the same way: “What is football? Football is first and foremost emotions. If you are up twelve points three games before the end of the season, you need to die , “He said on” BILD TV “.” There is a little lack of excitement at the top. The top needs a little more emotion again, following the example of England and Italy this season. “

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Only one of the ten championships was open on the last match day

There was hardly any excitement in FC Bayern’s last ten championships. Only in the 2018/2019 season was the title race not yet decided on the last day of the game day. In the end, Bayern had a two-point lead over Borussia Dortmund. Otherwise, the question never arose whether FC Bayern would become champions – only when.

Dortmund may be the record champions’ “closest” pursuers, but have rarely been a serious competitor. Since winning the league in 2012, Dortmund have only won three times in 20 matches against Bayern – no later than 10 November 2018.

Since the summer of 2018 alone, FC Bayern has collected 41 more points in the Bundesliga than Dortmund. For comparison: In England there is only one point between Manchester City and FC Liverpool in the same period, in Spain there are six points between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

285 million euro difference

In Dortmund, they are realistic. BVB sports director Michael Zorc told media group Funke: “We earned 285 million euros less in sales than FC Bayern in the last financial year. This difference means that Bayern can afford about ten more Gnabrys in terms of salary than the weather.”
FC Bayern president Herbert Hainer tries to defend FC Bayern’s dominance: “We can not play worse just to make the league more interesting.”

But FC Bayern also suffer from the lack of excitement. In Germany, the Bundesliga can still inspire many people because the fight for Europe or against relegation also electrifies people. Fans abroad, on the other hand, look primarily to the championship – and therefore only rarely to Germany.

This is reflected in the revenue: While the English Premier League picks up 1.6 billion euros per season from foreign marketing, the Bundesliga only comes up to 200 million euros. It has a negative effect on the international competitiveness of German clubs – and thus also FC Bayern Munich.

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Nagelsmann is already aiming for the next championship

But is there hope for improvement? Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was Munich’s closest pursuer last season as coach of RB Leipzig. “There are always one or two moments in a season where Bayern seem to have the experience and the better players,” he said.

“But it is not something to rest on. We can see that other clubs are investing. Dortmund already have one or two players on the line, Leipzig will again, in a positive way, go to work very aggressively and continue to strengthen their team. . “

Nagelsmann therefore does not want to leave anything to chance and has already announced: “Preparations for the 11th championship begin.”

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Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann does not have much time to celebrate: he has his next appointments in Säbener Strasse on 25 April. Nagelsmann expresses clear ideas towards the top of the club.

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