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Nearly 30 years after just missing promotion to the Bundesliga, an insolvency and the temporary slip to the fifth division, VfB Oldenburg can dream of returning to professional football. The leap into league three would also cause problems for the traditional club.

by Hanno Bode

Maik Lukowicz was full of adrenaline. First, the VfB striker took hold 4-0 success in the top match in the regional league championship round against SC Weiche Flensburg and waved it wildly. Then the 27-year-old grabbed a megaphone and shouted “Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin” into the horn speaker in front of the cheering fans. Actually, this battle cry is primarily used by teams that have advanced in the DFB Cup and dream of participating in the final on the Spree. At that moment, Lukowicz alluded to the promotion matches to the third division, where Lower Saxony would now face BFC Dynamo.

The former East German league champion leads the Northeast season three rounds before the end of the season and dreams like VfB, which now has an eight-point lead over Flensburg in the championship round, of league three. However, both teams still need to maintain their top positions to get into the relegation, so Oldenburg coach Dario Fossi warned after the round against Weiche: “We are close, but only close.”

VIDEO: VfB Oldenburg clear winner in top match against Weiche Flensburg (3 min)

With Sidka, Baumgart and Assauer once almost Bundesliga

Close to a big coup – it was VfB before. It is almost 30 years ago that Lower Saxony surprisingly reached the promotion round to the Bundesliga. The leap into the bel étage would have been a huge sensation that an entire region dreamed of at the time. “We’re just crazy about big breasts. And that’s why we just have to go upstairs,” Klaus Baumgart said in an interview at the time. The pop singer was then the club’s deputy chairman and followed the matches in the stands in a colorful balloon-silk training suit. Manager Rudi Assauer sat next to him and smoked cigarillos. And as a player coach, Wolfgang Sidka was responsible for the Oldenburg flight.

Until the last match day, VfB could hope for promotion. In the end, he had to let Bayer 05 Uerdingen, who had one more point, go first. The imminent promotion was followed by relegation in the following season. Sidka no longer saw him as a coach. He was released on the 28th match day.

VfB meanwhile insolvent and Oberliga

While the ex-professional then became a globetrotter and coached the national teams in Bahrain and Iraq, among others, Oldenburg was never able to repeat the successes under the now 67-year-old. In 1996, second division promotion was achieved again. But VfB only lasted a year in the lower house of the Bundesliga. Subsequently, the regional league and from 2006 even the Oberliga was for four years the sporting home of the traditional club, which was in great financial difficulties in the early 2000s.

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Oldenburg's Radek Drulak (2nd from the right) lets Hannover's Michael Schjönberg (right) come out.  © IMAGO / Rust

In 1992, VfB Oldenburg first missed the sensation on the last match day, despite a victory in Meppen – because there was no support from FC St. Pauli. more

The negative highlight of this development was insolvency proceedings, which, however, could also be completed successfully due to advantage games against Werder Bremen, Hamburger SV and Schalke 04.

“Nothing big has happened here in 25 years”

This allowed VfB to start again from scratch. However, he had lost a lot of credit with his fans and the local economy through his many years of business relations. Therefore, it was difficult to raise funds to build a strong team. With the exception of the 2015/2016 season, when the club finished in second place in the regional league, there had long been no thought of returning to professional football. “Nothing big has happened here in 25 years,” Sidka said on Sunday in NDR Sportclub.

NDR Film raises Sidka to the chairmanship

The former successful VfB coach returned to the Oldenburg team last year. Not as a coach, but as a president. That too Sportclub Story “The Golden Age of VfB Oldenburg” has a big role to play, sounds crazy, but corresponds to reality, as Sidka explained: “Incredibly many people watched this movie. It finally got me this job. Back then, a president was wanted because the post had been vacant for a long time. That I was then, the film was a contributing factor. “

Wolfgang Sidka in the sports club © Screenshot

VIDEO: Wolfgang Sidka on VfB Oldenburg’s past and future (15 min)

He brought Sidka back to the heads of the club’s shareholders and other officials, who are working meticulously to pave the way for a future in professional football. “Everyone is trying to turn the screws in the right places,” the VfB president said.

Are you moving to Wilhelmshaven to get up?

Sportingly, the chance this season seems to be greater than it has long been to take the leap up in the third division. In terms of fan attendance – 3,732 spectators came against Flensburg – the club does not have to worry either. But could VfB deliver a competitive team in the third division? And even more elementary: Where would Lower Saxony play their home games? Probably not in the Marschweg Stadium. The venerable arena has no floodlights required by the German Football Association (DFB) for third division teams. Such would dazzle the vehicles on the adjacent highway.

The Oldenburgers are therefore discussing the possibility of playing the home games in Wilhelmshaven, 60 kilometers away, in case of promotion. “Otherwise, our stadium will be prepared. But it would need, for example, geothermal and mobile floodlights,” said Sidka, who knows about the stadium issue: “There is a lot on the way for us.”

VfB hopes for a new stadium and the city

VfB’s biggest wish is to build a new home ground. There are already plans for this and with the event area at Weser-Ems-Halle there is already a possible location. The problem: “We as VfB Oldenburg can not finance it. The city must help,” explained Sidka, who sees the construction of an arena as a “key issue”: “And it’s not about VfB, it’s about whether football is desirable in Oldenburg . ” With promotion, the traditional club would undoubtedly have even better arguments against the city to push for a stadium construction, as VfB would then be a supra-regional advertising medium.

However, Stand can not be expected to make a quick decision on this now. So in case of promotion, Oldenburg could share the fate with TSV Havelse and have to host their home games in someone else’s “living room”. The Garbseners received their guests at the stadium in Hannover 96 and tried to annoy the overwhelming competition in front of largely only three-digit spectators. That they failed to stay up was ultimately not due to the move, but to their lack of financial means.

Coach Fossi: “Can win every game”

VfB would also have in common with Havelse to enter the promotion games as outsiders. Because the northeastern season with the leaders BFC Dynamo and a number of traditional clubs such as Carl Zeiss Jena, Chemnitzer FC or Energie Cottbus is considered by most experts to be stronger than Regionalliga Nord. But: “I believe in our strength and our team. And I believe we can win every game if we deliver what we can,” Oldenburg coach Fossi said.

If he is right, it is not out of the question that his president will invite him and the team to a spontaneous party on the Spree in his own four walls after the as yet unplanned relegation battle. Because Wolfgang Sidka’s place of residence is: Berlin.

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