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Can’t you go to the Eintracht match at West Ham United either? What a shame. But do not despair, Reichs Resterampe has great tips on how to get that London feeling at home.

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Highlights: Eintracht Frankfurt – TSG Hoffenheim


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Eintracht Frankfurt play for West Ham United, but only 3,000 Frankfurt fans are allowed to join. If you still want a bit of that feeling of away game, just follow these tips.


English cuisine has a lot to offer, especially for people who like to eat things that are beige. Tasty recipe ideas can be found on the Twitter account “Footy scrans“, on this Wikipedia page or if they use the term “Jellied Els“Google what you should definitely avoid if you ever want to sleep and / or eat anything again. Pro tip: If you roll over a can of baked beans, you not only enhance every dish visually, but also give it something specific in taste.

As for suitable drinks, the English pub culture knows a number of tasty ales, brown ales, amber ales, red ales, pale ales, which the author of this text would like to give more information about, but now he has thought of tasty English ales, can not no longer concentrate and head around the corner to the Irish pub at Berger. Other.


burp. Pardon. In any case, to simulate typical English weather, simply dump a bucket of water over your head. And then another. And one more. And one more. If you happen to be in a hair metal band from the 80’s, first of all congratulations on being so cool. Second, if your band has a fog machine, this is a great way to simulate the famous London fog. If you can still get soaked on a crowded pipe, the London experience is complete.


Do you still have time for a round of sightseeing before the match? Store. Here is a list of London attractions and easily accessible Hessian alternatives that you can admire instead.

London Eye Ferris Wheel – Breakdancers on the Dippemess
Madame Toussaud’s waxwork – pictures of Adi Hütter’s petrified expression after another defeat with Gladbach
Crown jewels in the Tower of London – winter sale at Bijou Brigitte on Zeil
Camden Market – Rewe fresh food counter

country and people

The English are known to be extremely polite, so you should be polite and gratefully accept gifts from the West Ham defense. An apology is also appropriate if, for example, Daichi Kamada fires the next London coach into unemployment.

Politically, the situation in England at the moment is somewhat tense. If you want to recreate that Brexit feeling, just take a gun and shoot yourself in the knee if you are not going to.

Sports and stadium experience

England is considered the motherland of football, so explore the history of English football. The Twitter account shows an informative and entertaining insight into English football in the pre-Premier League era Crap90s football, shows the sport as it should be. Current developments in English football are less pleasant, such as the acquisition of football clubs as lifestyle objects by bored billionaires known only from Sinsheim in this country, or even the new trend of dubious states buying clubs to wash sportswear. . Take a critical look at it, but not too critically, otherwise the owner of Newcastle United may get the idea to lure you to the Saudi embassy and do something else.

If you want to simulate a true English stadium experience, you must first burn up € 1,500, which is equivalent to the season ticket price for the average London club. Then ask a few tourists on Römer if they want to join the game and sit next to you on overpriced seats that real fans can no longer afford. After a few minutes, let the security staff escort you out of your own living room because an Eintracht Frankfurt scarf has flashed under your jacket, which is obviously a criminal offense in the neutral sector. From the outside, you can enjoy the screams of Eintracht fans as Filip Kostic scored the 1-0 winner.

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