BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: advantage game NOW in the live ticker

Borussia Dortmund and Dynamo Kyiv meet in a match today. The game is offered by SPOX in the live ticker.

FC Bayern Munich is German champion for the tenth time in a row! As for the table situation in the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund can no longer improve, so the blacks and yellows can arrange a advantage match against Dynamo Kyiv during the week (today). You can follow the match in the live ticker here.

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BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv – 2: 3


1-0 Bynoe-Gittens (4 ‘), 1-1 Buyalskyy (9’), 1-2 Vanat (11 ‘), 1-3 Vanat (35’), 2-3 Rothe (65 ‘)

line up BVB

Hitz – Semic, Akanji (30. Moukoko), Pongracic, Schulz – Can, Pherai – Bynoe-Gittens, Reus, Taz – Haaland (30. Aussi)

Lineup Dynamo Kiev

Bushchan – Popov, Karavaev, Zabarnyi, Dubinchak – Shaparenko, Sydorchuk, Vanat, Buyalskyi, Antyukh – Dovbyk

BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: advantage match NOW in the live ticker – 2: 3

71 .: Dynamo with the mega option. Three against two in minority games. But the BVB defense is lucky and the Ukrainians do not manage to play the attack clean. A quick finish would have been better than the many cross passes.

70 .: The stadium announcer announced the official number of spectators: 35,000.

69 .: Rothe almost equalized. Great shot by Kyiv, he knew what he was doing there and it worked.

67 .: Rothe scored the goal, but Moukoko also desperately wants one. But he must aim for that better. His shot misses again.

65 .: TOR for BVB! A good short pass puts Tom Rothe in shooting position and the 17-year-old puts the ball in the far corner.

61 .: Almost the goal of BVB. Corner kick finds Papadoupoulus. But he only gets the ball over the goal from a very short distance.

61 .: If anything goes for BVB then Moukoko. Another strong action by the young player in the penalty area. In severe distress, the goalkeeper clears the corner.

59 .: In the first half, Dynamo increasingly came through BVB’s left back. It shifted to the right in the second half.

56 .: Moukoko is really fun here. The 17-year-old is much more motivated than most of his teammates. Dribbles through Kiev’s penalty area, but his shot is aimed at goal.

54 .: No TOR for BVB. The match’s next missed a penalty kick. Reiner’s shot is too weak and misplaced.

53: PENALTY for BVB. A light jersey tug is enough to bring Bradley Fink down.

50 .: A total of seven staff changes at BVB. Emre Can and Pongracic, for example, have finished their work.

49 .: BVB is now much more active. The attackers stand tall and press early to put pressure on the Ukrainians. Reward: Winning the ball and a good chance for Moukoko. His shot misses though.

46 .: Referee change: Pattrick Ittrick whistles for the second half.

HALF HOURS in Dortmund: While this is only an advantage game, Dynamo’s performance is a lot of fun. Especially on the outside, Kyiv keeps getting through and deserves a 3-1 lead.

45 .: Another nice attack on the left wing in Kiev. Small cupboard piece and then go into the penalty area. Dovbyk only brings the shot directly to Hitz.

44 .: Marco Reus comes to the finish from 16 meters. However, a defender can reject the ball to the corner.

43: Despite Dynamo’s goals, BVB are now much more aggressive in duels.

BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: Goal for Dynamo Kyiv

35 .: TOR for Kiev. It was implied. Great pass to Vanat, who can score his second goal.

34 .: Post for Dovbyk. In severe distress, Hitz saves from the attacker’s powerful shot. Lucky for BVB. But it smells of a leadership extension.

32 .: Bynoe-Gittens is one of the most motivated BVB players. Dribbling through the defense on the left is worth seeing. But the shot misses the box.

30 .: Special moment at BVB. The escaped Alan Aussi enters the fight for Erling Haaland. You can find his story here.

27th: Haaland was already waiting twice in quick succession. A Ukrainian head clears twice in front of the star striker.

25 .: Kiev seems much more motivated and also more physically active. BVB, on the other hand, are waiting patiently to build up the game and will probably not rush anything.

23 .: Good luck for BVB: Long ball at the top. Since the BVB defense has slept. However, just offside.

21 .: Next good chance for Dynamo. The Ukrainians are playing a fantastic match here. Again over the right side. A quick pass into the penalty area, but the shot goes just over Hitz’s goal.

8 .: Keeps warm! So it remains at 2: 1 for Kiev.

17 .: PENALTY to Kiev! Pongracic with too hefty boarding.

15 .: Dynamo wants more. A lot of steam is being made, especially on the right side of the Ukrainians. However, the striker is now offside.

13. Almost next goal: BVB’s header and goalkeeper Bushchan can just steer the ball to the crossbar.

BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: Goal for Dynamo Kyiv

11 .: GOAL for Kiev! Dynamo takes the lead. Long ball to Vanat, who escapes the entire defense and slides in to take the lead.

BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: Goal for Dynamo Kyiv

9 .: Compensation! Buyalskyi gets the ball on the sixteenth and flickes it sensitively into the far corner: an art shot.

BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: Goal for Borussia Dortmund

4 .: TOR for BVB! Counterattack via the fast Haaland. He lays it across the Bynoe-Gittens. The young talent only has to push the ball in, 90 percent of the goal goes to Haaland’s strong attack.

2nd: The Ukrainians with a first dangerous post into BVB’s penalty area. But Dovbyk can not convert the header.

1st: Kick started. The ball rolls.

BVB vs. Dynamo Kyiv: advantage match today in the live ticker – before the start

Before starting: Young Nikita fled Ukraine and is allowed to hand over the first ball to Haaland. Nice moment for the boy.

Before starting: The Ukrainian anthem sounds through Signal Iduna Park. The Ukrainian flag can also be seen everywhere.

Before starting: The players run onto the pitch together. The players in Kiev carry the flag of Ukraine around their shoulders. Judge Denys Schurman also carries a Ukrainian flag around his shoulder.

Before starting: Hans-Joachim Watzke does an interview at Zdf Before the match once again clear why the game is being played: “It’s about putting a sign. A sign against the heinous war of aggression.”

Before starting: Many fans came to the stadium with posters they had made to show their support. There is a warm welcome to the incoming players from Dynamo Kyiv, which consists exclusively of Ukrainians.

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