Brandon Carpenter and Nicholas Carpenter

“They are very, very similar”, this concise but nonetheless meaningful assessment of Jesús Ramírez may seem almost superficial at first glance because of its obviousness.

But if you listen to the head coach of the basketball league club Löwen Braunschweig longer when he talks about his players Brandon and Nicholas Tischler, you will quickly notice that Ramírez alludes to much more than just the visual similarities between the twin brothers, which Spaniards especially in the beginning of the season caused difficulties. During the training, if I was not sure which of the two I was referring to, I would just shout: ‘carpenter’.

Then he came up with the idea of ​​letting the twins wear different socks. Brandon should cover his feet in black because of the first letter of his name and Nicholas in white.

This worked until all the black socks were in the wash. Meanwhile, Ramírez no longer needs such help because on the one hand he has gotten to know his players better and on the other hand the twins have different hairstyles.

An unusual way

Twin brothers on the same team and in the same position: That was the case in the NBA from 2019 to 2021 with the Charlotte Hornets with Caleb and Cody Martin. In Germany, Brandon and Nicholas Tischler, who were only known to insiders before this season, now form this extraordinary constellation.

Until 2020, they played in Baunach with the partner of the nine-time German champions Brose Bamberg in ProA and ProB, second and third divisions. After Bamberg ended the collaboration and Baunacher had retired to the regional league, Tischlers went an unusual route.

Due to Corona imponderables, they decided not to play on any team in the 2020/21 season and instead only train individually with Nowitzki mentor Holger Geschwindner. They had previously visited Braunschweig in November 2020 at the invitation of Dennis Schröder. The NBA star is the club’s sole shareholder and met with Brandon and Nicholas in his home country for training and to get to know each other. In the spring of 2021, the Tischlers decided to try the Lions this season.

The BBL investment

After certainly valuable units with Geschwindner, it was still a risk, for the twins, who were 21 years old at the start of the season, made their debut in the 1st division after a year and a half without any competition training and thus at. level they had never known before. Especially the higher decision speed in the upper house was a big challenge at the beginning of the season. The better they learn to handle it, the bigger their game shares are likely to be. Nicholas Tischler played more than anyone else on his team in the narrow defeat against Crailsheim (84:87) on Tuesday, more than 28 minutes. His brother Brandon came in at just over 16. This Saturday (18.00 on MagentaSport) it is against Hamburg Towers.

Matured far from the league: Nicholas Tischler in the match against Crailsheim

Photo: Imago

Coach Jesús Ramírez praises Brandon and Nicholas’ excellent work ethic, who work extra shifts after each training session and have already proven valuable to the Lions, especially defensively. “In terms of character, they are two fantastic guys who also work very hard. They come first and go last,” said the 42-year-old coach.

The differences in the twins’ game are marginal. Both are strong and fast, basically athletic types of players. With its two meters high, the small attackers, “small” wingers in third position, who can also play shooting guard (2) or power forward (4) offensively. Defensively, their variation is even greater, in principle they can defend all five positions, as was clearly seen on Tuesday in the narrow defeat against Crailsheim.

While they are already fully fit for the first division in defense, they are heading there in attack. Brandon has a stronger one-on-one scoring mentality, while Nicholas tends to be a bit more all-rounder and assist. However, he scored ten points against Crailsheim and his brother three.

Coach Jesus Ramirez with Brandon Tischler

Coach Jesus Ramirez with Brandon Tischler

Photo: picture alliance / nordphoto GmbH

Ramírez is convinced of the potential of the twins: “In two to three years, they can be an important part of the rotation in a play-off team. They have the talent and the attitude to do so.” That they play in the same position also makes them competitors.They also end up fighting against each other to ensure playing time.But they do it in a “healthy way”, according to their coach.

And they help the team with that. In the victory over Göttingen last Sunday, Brandon (eight) and Nicholas (seven) collected 15 rebounds together. Braunschweig can hardly be taken from staying in the league – also thanks to the two newcomers in the league.

The author twice became coach of the year in Germany.

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