Basketball: VSC Baskets Donauwörth is back on the road to success

After the recent catastrophic defeat, VSC Baskets Donauwörth wins against TSV Ansbach II 83:66. A veteran returns to the squad.

VSC Baskets Donauwörth convincingly won their match against the second team in TSV Ansbach by 83:66. Donauwörthers, who were forced to play their home game in Wemding due to the current indoor situation in Donauwörth, were able to win the match with a targeted performance.

The match announcements were anything but favorable for VSC: After the Bears suffered a bitter defeat against Heroldsberg last week after a desolate performance, interim coach Benni Vogel asked his team the motivation question in a special training session in the Kaisheim sports hall. This gave both the lack of participation in the training and the appearance in the match against Heroldsberg enough reason for this. “Despite the unfavorable circumstances that have been going on throughout the season with hallucinations and the corona pandemic, we must not lose the fun of basketball,” Benni Vogel said before the match. “I want us to show with struggle, passion and full commitment that performances like against Heroldsberg are not the rule, but the clear exception.”

Daniel Seliger returns to VSC Donauwörth’s squad

Before the match started, the Baskets were happy that Daniel Seliger, an experienced player, could return to the Bears’ squad at short notice. The first half started promising for the Bears: The offensive of the baskets was a challenge for Ansbachers. With only eleven completed season matches, the Franks have the least playing experience in this Bavarian league season. With proper attacks, the baskets were able to play promising shots on the baskets again and again. The only downside: the bears threw too often next to the basket.

Josh Korn makes it difficult for his opponent

The defense of the bears, on the other hand, was almost perfect. The Ansbachers could not think of an effective offensive against the bears’ male defense, for often they tried their luck with individual actions. But these were confidently defended by the baskets. Above all, Josh Korn had the best player in Ansbach, who was brought in from America before the season, so under control that he almost drove him to despair. The Baskets got a lead of nine points compared to the break of 43:34.

Donauwörth’s coach Benni Vogel motivated his team during the break in the match against Ansbach.

Photo: Szilvia Izso

Coach Benni Vogel was pleased with his team. “We play exactly as we want. We fight defensively and we have good approaches in attack. But we must not let simple basket options lie too often.” In the second half the baskets turned up the heat again.In the defensive they still did not allow much, Ansbachers tried to come back with three-point shots.But as the Bears rarely allowed open throws, this tactic was not crowned by the visitors successfully.The bears were full Cono Cirone did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans. and Marco Stampfer convince with an effective hit rate.

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“This is how basketball is fun”

In the end, the Bears had an undisputed victory with the final result 83:66. The Baskets improved their record to eight wins by ten defeats and are now in seventh place in the table, overtaking Ansbachers. “This is exactly how we will continue to perform in the last six games of the season. That’s how basketball is fun, “said the happy team captain Nik Scheuerer after the match. Next weekend, the Donauwörthers travel to Nuremberg, where they will meet the young team from Post SV Nürnberg. (vsc)

VSC Baskets Donauworth: Cirone (21 pt), Korn (16/2 threes), Scheuerer (14/2), Lechner (12/2), Stampfer (10), Stippler (8), Krippner (2), Conway and Seliger.

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