Basketball: Towers run out of air in the final quarter against Ludwigsburg

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Towers run out of air in the final quarter against Ludwigsburg

Towers center Maik Kotsar (right) in a duel under the basket.

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Bitter 75:79 defeat throws the Hamburg Bundesliga basketball team back in the battle for the playoffs. Where the team failed.

Hamburg. The door to the playoffs encountered Hamburg towers one who already did this last season. This time only involuntarily and in a different role. TJ Shorts, who was a convincing playmaker for Wilhelmsburger last year and is now in the service of Hakro Merlin’s Crailsheim, is the excellent player so far Basketball Bundesliga season. However, it’s now over for the lively point guard due to a chest muscle injury that could cost the eighth Crailsheimers, who are extremely dependent on Shorts, their entry into the championship round – and pave the way for the Towers.

So they only had to do their part against the MHP giants Ludwigsburg on Saturday night to get closer to eighth place with a win. But in this series, just beating rivals from the top third of the table is not often enough. The score before the match against the top eight in the Bundesliga was 8-2. Due to the 75:79 (24:17, 15:17, 19:22, 17:23) defeat against Ludwigsburg, it worsened to 2: 9.

Hamburg Towers before defeat by accident with injuries

There were reasons for that. Merlins has not exclusively leased the accident with injuries. On the contrary. Towers coach Pedro Calles had his entire 2022 team available for a single day. Zach Brown was absent against Ludwigsburg and will not be available in the coming weeks due to a foot injury.

When the hosts came back at 3:10, the worst thing was to fear. But as long as Justus Hollatz is wearing a Towers jersey, a duel is not out of reach. At risk of repeating match report after match report: The 20-year-old is the stabilizing factor in the attack of Calles five and now, no matter how crazy it can be read given his age, is also the most important player. In the first quarter, he took on the role of architect behind a 13-0 run alongside Lukas Meisner, who was simply not out of shape anymore, to get his team back on track. Hamburg let the ball meander around the three-point line, and Ludwigsburg’s unhappy success coach John Patrick used his two time-outs for the first half in the first quarter, which ended with 24:17.

Ludwigsburg spiced with excellent defenders

The visiting team in fifth place, spiced with excellent defensive players, had unexpectedly great difficulties with the straightforward play from the ninth-placed team. The ball hardly stagnated, even the star player Caleb Homesley, who – after all his genius – occasionally mutated into a ball stopper, submitted to the structure of the offensive. However, depriving Ludwigsburg of their core competencies over a longer period of time is as common as their coaches’ birthday, which he celebrates on 29 February. Towers had to accept nine turnovers before the break. However, the lead melted only minimally to 39:34, as Seth Hinrichs emerged as an exceptionally strong scorer with ten points.

With football qualities, the towers managed to maintain their lead. They scored from throw-ins. And not through very complex moves, but simple passes to the basket. This succeeded three times, but the Swabians could not use the double burden of a Champions League match during the week as an excuse as Hamburg was busy in the EuroCup.

Exciting match in front of 2160 spectators

The meeting remained exciting for the 2160 spectators in the Arena. The little underdog stayed on the trigger, the giants did not let themselves be torn off. Huge, however, the appearance of Hinrichs. The control center of the towers, with strong passing qualities but reluctance towards their own completions, had a rare offensive explosion. John Patrick Birthday Level Rare. The American had already surpassed his season best (15) in the third period. So the home team stayed ahead with 58:56. But there seemed to be a law: Every time Hamburg scored, Ludwigsburg had to do the same, and if the Northern Lights missed, the South Germans did the same.

Psychologically important, but did not change the lead at first. The superiority of rebounds was especially important to gradually wear down the previous year’s semi-finalists and to eliminate simple counterpoints. As a result, Towers got some respite (67: 60/34.) – and only seconds later, and two three-pointers from Jordan Hulls and a penalty kick from Justin Simon, threatened to be strangled again. Ludwigsburg was in front for the first time since the first quarter. After another insane distance shot from Hulls, Calles put his players on fans and called 911 timeout. But the dreaded giant defensive now completely erased the possibility of a free throw. Hamburg struggled and was ultimately lost.

Top scorer Hinrichs praised the fighting spirit and the good game culture, but summed up the importance of this: “Unfortunately, it does us no good at this point in the season.”

Towers: Hinrichs (19 points), DiLeo (13), Kotsar (11), Hollatz (10), Christen (9), Meisner (9), Homesley (2), J. Brown (2), Edigin.

Sat 19 March 2022, at 20.12

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