basketball | NBA: Brooklyn Nets pro Kyrie Irving: The bogeyman of the Bostonians

Status: 21/04/2022 10:54

In the first playoff round of the professional basketball league NBA, the duel between Boston and Brooklyn is particularly interesting. It’s also due to Kyrie Irving. He meets his former team – and angry fans.

Kyrie Irving just wanted away. Get out of the hall, out of sight. Into the protection of the catacombs and the cabin. Around him, 19,156 fans cheered in the sold-out TD Garden Boston Celtics’ 114-107 home win in the second game of the playoffs against the Brooklyn Nets.

“We do not have time to be disappointed, we just need to get better in the future,” the 30-year-old said as he appeared in front of the media an hour after the game ended. The colorful sweater he was wearing was the most striking thing about him that Wednesday night. The playmaker had scored only ten points and hit only four of his 13 throws. This is one of the reasons Brooklyn is down 2-0 in this long-awaited series after two defeats in Boston.

Wins against Irving as revenge and satisfaction for fans

The cheers of the Celtics fans were not only loud but also associated with evil. Evil for the Kyrie Andrew Irving. A Celtics victory is always nice for Greens supporters. But a win against Irving is more. It’s revenge – and above all satisfaction. Irving has known this since leaving the Celtics for Brooklyn in the summer of 2019.

Since then, the Bostonians have felt lied to and betrayed. Irving, who joined from the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer of 2017, finally stood on the floor in TD Garden before the first home game of the 2018/19 season, with the Celtics sign printed in the middle. And he had said to the cheers of the audience, “If you want to keep me, then I’m going to extend.” But then he went to Brooklyn anyway. They still have not forgiven him for that – and they show it at every guest appearance in Boston.

Even less popular than Alex Rodriguez

Boston Celtics fans try to annoy Kyrie Irving on a free kick

Photo: AP / Michael Dwyer

When the guests came on Wednesday 24 minutes before the start of the match to warm up in the hall, which was at most a quarter of an hour full, the expressions of dissatisfaction began from the spectator seats. The first layup. “Booooo”. The second layup. “Booooo.”

On NBC Sports Boston, they asked where Irving was placed on the list of “Boston’s greatest sports villain”? Answer: at the top. Even before Alex Rodriguez, the former baseball pro for the New York Yankees. You need to do that first. But this is mainly because Irving accepts the role of the “villain”, i.e. the villain, likes to play it and also distributes it to the fans, says Cedric Maxwell, who was once a Celtics professional for years (including the Finals MVP 1981) and today’s radio expert.

$ 50,000 fine for the middle finger for fans

In the 114-115 loss in the first game, however, Irving went too far. He had played well and scored 39 points. But he also twice gave fans the middle finger – and was fined $ 50,000 by the NBA.

At one point, the poll was full, Irving had justified his actions. However, he had used so many swear words that the TV stations had to do a lot to “beep” each one. Only then were the sequences suitable for minors – and therefore sent.

Insults from the row from the start

In the second game, only 15 seconds had been played when “Kyrie stinks, Kyrie stinks” echoed through the arena. Even if you watched the match with your eyes closed, you would easily have known when Brooklyn’s No. 11 playmaker was on the ball. However, expressions of dissatisfaction declined as the game progressed. The visitors played too well and the Celtics too badly. Brooklyn was now 17 points ahead (62:45) – and led 65:55 at the break.

But when Boston had closed the hole to 77:79 in the 32nd minute and Irving had the ball, the spectators even got up to shout at him for the first time. And when he was successfully stopped during the subsequent move to the basket, the noise was simply deafening. No matter what Irving did, whether he dribbled, threw or just touched the ball – the reactions were always the same: “Booooooo”. It was like Pavlov’s dog.

Statistics speak against Brooklyn

In the history of the NBA Finals, 93 percent of the teams that led 2-0 in the series have advanced to the next round. “Boston makes it hard for us to get penalty kicks,” Irving says. Kevin Durant, the other Superstar, emphasizes that he has several Celtics players around him at all times. That’s one of the reasons he hit only four of his 17 shots off the field on Wednesday.

The Nets have home rights to the next two games. Experts assume a long series despite the 0: 2 deficit. Should Brooklyn win one of the next two games, there would be a fifth game in Boston on Wednesday. Kyrie Irving knows what that means for him.


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