Yoga – “Left leg follows into downward facing dog”

“Child pose. Knees slightly apart, forehead on the floor and arms back. Let the outside world lie and use your conscious breathing to connect with yourself.” Inner and outer balance, that’s what yoga is about. Former actress and yoga teacher Patricia Thielemann was 14 when her mother took her to yoga: “Because I had severe asthma and back problems and was such a shy teenager, and I’ve stuck with it ever since.”

40 years later, the elegant and well-trained woman makes an extremely healthy impression, she seems to be at peace. For her, yoga is the connection to the essential and to one’s own center: “No matter how fast the world out there turns.”

More and more difficult, more and more acrobatic

Ultimately, yoga is a sequence of different postures and exercises with your own body weight, which becomes more and more difficult and acrobatic depending on the level of performance.

“Inhale. Right leg steps back. Exhale. Left leg follows into downward facing dog.”

The variety of the exercises as well as the speed, the change and the holding time in the individual positions make it possible to adapt yoga individually and also to make it a sweaty workout. Nevertheless, students are encouraged to always listen to their own body.

Yoga is healthy and well researched. Numerous scientific studies show that it can help with neck and back pain, stress symptoms, sleep disorders and more.© unsplash / Katte Lue

“Especially when we all spend more time on our digital devices than in real life, we lose this ability to feel for ourselves, and we want to promote it in yoga, because then we can react faster when we realize: something is wrong., we are out of balance. “

Yoga studies had to close because of Corona

Speaking of inner balance and digital devices: Of course, the corona pandemic also affected Spirit Yoga. Thielemann had to close one of his three studios in Berlin.

In lockdown, online training was switched to. At first, however, this disturbed even the experienced yoga teacher:

“I wanted my first Zoom lesson, and there were actually a hundred people signing up for it, and I thought, ‘This is great, everyone wants to do yoga with me. It’s going on, we’ll get through it.’ Then I thought, “I want to check again if the sound works and I pressed the wrong button. And then unfortunately the 100 people were all gone and I could not bring them back either. But I lost my balance so much and sat and cried in front of the laptop. “

Online devices and not just face-to-face classes

It’s going so well now that there are still online devices besides the face-to-face training that is taking place again.

Patricia Thielemann took her yoga training in India and America. In India, the spiritual aspect played a special role: “It was simply a part of life there, which means that rest and relaxation were more natural, just like times for prayer of reflection. And I would say it is different with us.”

In America, there were more question marks: “That’s the biggest difference: That in America there is a lot more neuroscience, sports science included in the yoga class, and basically the secret that ultimately lies in the whole thing is trampled on a bit.”

Combine different approaches

With her spirit yoga she tries to combine different approaches and adapt yoga to the needs of her audience: “There are certain classic exercises such as the main stand. But we took it out of the program because the main stand is more for an audience like that. Coming here is counterproductive , because most people just sit at their desks all day long and drink coffee – all of which makes the energy skyrocket. And if you just turn someone upside down, it can not be good for various reasons. very clear example. “

Yoga is now “state of the art” and extremely popular. The media and not least influencers praise it as a slim, healthy and toned cardio workout. “What I always think is great is that people come in here with a physical concern, that they just have complaints, or that they say they don’t like their butt anymore. And then they come to yoga and think that it will help five yoga classes happened. “

Improvement after five yoga classes?

Of course, there is nothing like it. “If you then ask them for half a year what has changed, it is often their mental attitude that has changed. And the paradox is that sometimes it still turns out the way they would like, so the back pain “gets better and that the bottom gets firmer. I always find it exciting that the result comes more in through the back door.”

Yoga is healthy and well researched. Numerous scientific studies show that it can help with neck and back pain, stress symptoms, sleep disorders and more. But only if you actually practice it regularly and do not find your center on the couch in front of the TV. “Namaste.”

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