Yasin Mohamed: TV Shows, Scar, Girlfriend, Basketball, Mia

Yasin Mohamed should be known to fans of trash TV and basketball enthusiasts. The athlete participated in 2021 with his Ex girlfriend Alicia on Temptation Island part. Since April 2022 Munich dares a new adventure and joins 21 other celebrities as a candidate for “Battle of the Reality Stars ” to the star beach RTL2.

  • But how does the TV actor really tick Private?
  • Does he have one? girlfriend?
  • What shows has he been to?
  • age, height, occupation – we have summarized all the information about the candidate for you in the portrait.

Yasin Mohamed in profile: age, birthday, origin, height

All the facts about the basketball player and the reality TV candidate are here in an instant:

  • Last name: Yasin Mohamed
  • date of birth: June 21, 1991
  • age: 30
  • Zodiac sign: Gemini
  • Place of birth: Munich
  • Place of residence: Munich
  • profession: gym manager
  • girlfriend: –
  • children: –
  • size: 1.95 m
  • Instagram: yasin__11_

Yasin Mohamed participates in “Battle of the Reality Stars” 2022

RTL2 invites again this year 22 celebrities on a beach in front of a paradisiacal backdrop. But anyone who thinks of vacation is wrong. Waiting for the candidates at “Battle of the Reality Stars” a competition for it prize money from 50,000 euros. This also occurs Yasin Mohamed. He’s fighting for the title in season 3 “reality star” 2022

With the profits, he would not only pay debts, but – and that would be an important thing for the 30-year-old – also his “mother a good trip “. He describes himself as a gracious guy who could only get annoyed by sleeping with so many others. And should there be a party in the sala, Yasin will be hard to stop and be the last to go to bed …

Who else is with? All information about the participants can be found here.

Yasin Mohamed with ex-girlfriend Alicia on “Temptation Island”

Yasin Mohamed has already gained experience with reality TV. Together with his former partner Alicia Costa Pinhero he went in RTL format in 2021 Temptation Island. The couple wanted theirs loyalty to prove. It did not work, because the Munich player simply did not let anything burn on. The two led a long-term relationship at the time relationshipwhich, however, is still on the show broke. Yasin not only proved to be bubbly and partying, but also hung out drunk with them seducers on.

Yasin Mohamed Basketball

Basketball fans could also be familiar with the now-famous reality TV actor from the sports world. Yasin Mohamed plays on the amateur team FC Bayern Munich. The 30-year-old initiates full-time fitness center, but basketball has been a passion since he was a teenager. He did not get into the professional league due to injuries.

Yasin Mohamed: separation from boyfriend Paulina Ljubas

Private For a short time, the “Battle of the Reality Stars” contestant looked like he wanted to join Paulina Lyubas found happiness. The two announced their love in early 2022. The 25-year-old is also no stranger to the reality TV world. The former Cologne 50667 actress starred alongside her ex-boyfriend Henrik Stoltenberg in season 2 of Temptation Island VIP. Like Yasin Mohamed’s relationship, hers did not stand up to the ultimate loyalty test on RTL: She came too close to the seducer Dominik during the show.

But in late April 2022, the relationship between Yasin Mohamed and his girlfriend Paulina broke up. Fans have already wondered because ordinary Photos deleted has been. The reality TV contestant finally commented on her separation via Instagram. He confirmed that the two Cut is. In the end, there were “a few more differences”. But he wishes her all the best. Paulina Lyubas posted after End was a picture of himself in a bikini in Dubai and wrote: “Anyone who has voodoo on my love life can relax now. I learned my lesson”. It means something like “I learned my lesson”.

Yasin Mohamed: tattoos and scars on his chest

No doubt, the many tattoos by Yasin Mohamed immediately catches the eye. But what is their real meaning? “Love wins” is written on his body, among other things. “It really is not nicely engraved, it does not look good, but I think the meaning is really cool. Love always wins …”. But the most common question he is asked is about his year on it Breast. On Instagram, he explains what it’s all about: He has it skin disease that keloid formation. Scars do not heal properly on him, but they do skin growing. It’s just hard to treat. Also to ears it already appeared in his case. It used to be very uncomfortable for him because he was constantly asked about it, but he has now resigned to live with it. He just has to do it every few years operate to let.

Yasin Mohamed and Mia Madisson at Reality Shore 2021

Between flirting, drama and above all a lot of bare skin was Yasin Mohamed on Reality Shore 2021. that Show on Joyn shows ten – some not entirely unknown – candidates for three weeks with some clothes in a villa in Crete. In addition to wild parties, it’s about mastering challenges. Yasin was first and foremost noticed by wild partying and his flirtation with Candidate Mia Madisson The two came extremely close in front of the camera. You should even sex have had. It is not clear if the two were a couple subsequently, the Munich resident described it only as getting to know each other.

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