Würzburg’s academy team takes revenge for the basketball scandal against Vilsbiburg

After the last few seconds had passed and the 88:83 victory for s.Oliver Würzburg Academy against Baskets Vilsbiburg was official, the young Baskets players were briefly overwhelmed:

They were not yet familiar with the process of the victory humba as it is celebrated after victories on the Bundesliga team and as the hard core of the fans present now also demanded of them. After a brief introduction, Jon Ukaj, who had been selected as the “player of the game” and scored 28 points, celebrated his debut as “accountant”.

Würzburg loses the lead to Vilsbiburg after a strong quarter

He had certainly deserved this title in the previous 40 minutes: after all, it was his four threes in quick succession that brought the academy team back into the lead with 57:55 in the middle of the third quarter and ultimately brought them to success. Before that, the match seemed to take a well-known course from a Würzburg perspective: After starting the match strongly and leading 24:12 after the first quarter, it was Lower Bavaria’s turn.

While the countless three-point attempts from the young Würzburg team did not want to fall, the physically superior Vilsbiburg team repeatedly got other chances through offensive rebounds and scored easy points. They took the lead for the first time just before the break. At 35:37, the teams, frustrated from Würzburg, entered the locker room.

Oliver Elling’s loud speech during the time-out shows its effect

Even after the break, the visitors stayed ahead until academy coach Oliver Elling had seen enough in the third quarter: He complained loudly about his team’s lack of intensity during the break. And his speech had an effect: Back on the floor, Jon Ukaj started his rain of three, which along with shots from Julius Böhmer (31 points in total) turned the match around. As a result, an intense and heated match developed in which the young Würzburg players kept their nerves and achieved a well-deserved victory.

“If we hit the shot from the outside, our game looks good, but if we do not, it is extremely difficult for us,” said Elling, referring to his team’s perimeter-heavy playing style. That she did not let herself be beaten against Vilsbiburger, who was previously undefeated in play-downs, even in weaker phases and remained superior to the opponent’s full-court pressure, is a result of the learning process.

The first stage of the scandal had many fans on the way

“Especially at the beginning of the season, we always let bad phases get us down. But today we managed to stay positive and reward ourselves,” Elling explained. Also “the spectators definitely helped us, the scenery played a big role for the players”. That the home fans, including the Bundesliga fan club, showed up so big was also due to both teams’ first match (39: 209), which even drew national circles.

Both coaches claimed to have put an end to the unpleasant basketball episode: “Looking back, there were only losers in the first game. I’m glad the second game went harmoniously,” explained guest coach Jodi Kreutzer.

Academy will probably continue to play in the first regional league

Despite the victory, Würzburg remains last in the play-down table in the first regional league southeast. But as there will probably be no sporting relegation – Bad Aibling withdrew his team and Bayern Munich III (who threw TG Veitshöchheim out of the playoffs) would automatically be downgraded in the event of a relegation of the second team from third tier. ProB – Würzburg may mean that Farmteam will probably continue to compete in the regional league.

“In order for the youth players to develop optimally, we have to play ‘Regio,'” Elling said. An example is Julius Böhmer, who gains experience on the academy team as a ball-dominating playmaker and is also used in the Bundesliga. “Without Julius, we are a completely different team,” Elling stressed the importance of the 20-year-old.

However: Since the success against Vilsbiburg, Böhmer is no longer the only one on the academy team who is familiar with the “Humba” tradition.

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