Who needs gyms when there’s Pamela Reif?

FINK.HAMBURG editor Wyn was a pump for a long time. Then Corona caused a forced break. Hamburg’s gyms are now open again – but Wyn no longer wants to go there. He prefers to sweat 20 minutes with Pamela Reif.

For more than a year, it has been: burpees instead of bench presses, home training instead of weight bench. All gyms were closed during the shutdown caused by the corona pandemic. The change of my sports facility was initially forced, now I do not want to go back to the gym at all – I prefer to sweat three to four times a week with fitness influencer Pamela Reif.

Although it’s actually misleading to say I’m sweating WITH her. Sweat only drips from me after the 20 minute long power units. Pamela’s make-up is almost better after training than before. How can it be? Recently, I pressed the pause button to take a closer look, but really: not even a drop of sweat drips from her forehead.

After all, the 24-year-old video producer welcomes me after the workout. Thanks Pam, it feels really good, at least no one has ever done it in the gym. And yet, a workout in front of the laptop is better than any other workout in the gym – for several reasons:

An oasis for self-optimization

If our society, trimmed to self-optimization, had one place, it would be the gym. In the dumbbell corner, beefcakes groan in tank tops that are way too small, with weights that are way too heavy to boast of their bodies as the last bastion of manhood; in the belly-legs-buttocks corner, well-trained fitness fans in full Gym Shark gear marvel at their belly cracks (line in the middle of the belly, something along the lines of the new six-pack).

What drives most: getting better, becoming more beautiful, maximizing social recognition, seeing and being seen. And as much as I want to, I can not completely free myself from it either. Judge me if you will.

The good thing about home training is that there is no room for self-presentation. Training in two different socks? No problem. I find it pleasant not to constantly compare myself with others, even if it is only unconsciously. Well, the fact that Pamela does not sweat at all pulls a little in my ego.

The gym is also a place for know-it-alls. The bigger the muscles, the bigger the protein, with which fitness wisdom is eaten. Pam on the other hand does not talk stupid things. It makes it easy – and in perfect execution. Incidentally, it is not only me as a fan who says it, but also the sports researcher and professor Theodor Stemper: “From a sports science point of view, Reif’s videos are well made.”

Everything for free

However, the best thing about my new online workout is the value for money. Pamela’s training is free and she even makes free training plans. I still remember how at the age of 18 I was completely overmotivated and bought a training plan from the biggest seller at my school – for 100 euros. It didn’t really do that much either. Today, a look at Pamela’s Instagram history is enough, and I know if the upper body, sexy legs or happy dancing are on the way – what a luxury.

I now have so many exercises up my sleeve that I ask myself: Who needs weights in the gym when all muscle groups can be trained like that? And here too, Professor Stemper will certainly agree that training with your own body weight is still much healthier than with weights.

Sometimes Pamela also invites guests to her workout. Last week I did “Ab Killer Workout” with singer / songwriter Jason Derulo. God knows how they found each other. After eight troublesome minutes, I had two realizations.

First: Pamela speaks better English than native Jason Derulo. Hell, she’s out of this world.

Second and much more important: Even the well-trained RnB star is dripping with sweat. Actually, the gasping American would have needed an oxygen tent after the first burpees. Sweating finally feels normal again.

Cover photo: Wyn Matthiesen.

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