Who gets the top quarterback?

Soon the time has come: Then the theoretical choices and thought games become concrete players. The teams put the cards on the table, and last but not least, the very open quarterback questions in this draft are answered. SPOXIn his final mock draft for this year, editor Adrian Franke predicts the first round on Thursday.

The draft week is finally here! Months of analysis, forecasts and rankings result in the final mock draft: My Mock Draft 3.0!

In this version, all 32 teams are involved, which means a lot of extra work this year. Because: Exactly a quarter of the league does not have a first-round pick after various trades! With the Raiders, Miami and Rams, three teams choose for the first time in round 3, ie outside the top 85.

It is impossible to predict which player may still be here. To simulate the best possible for this exercise, I used the board from Grinding of taunts used, which determines an average value based on the evaluation of hundreds of taunts. For the selections, I only took into account players who would have been available at the respective venue based on this list.

Finally the important remark: This mockery does not describe what I would do or what I think is the ideal solution for the teams. I try to use my taunts to predict what teams will do – not what they might want to do.


It’s an open secret that the Jaguars would love to swap this pick – suggesting that Jacksonville has not fallen madly in love with any of the options available here, at least for once. I just can not quite see WHO could get up here, let alone for who.

And then there are the Travon Walker rumors. Yes, the connection to GM Trent Baalke and his preference for extremely athletically strong players has already been discussed for a long time – but I just can not see it. Walker has excellent athletics, but even given his role in the Georgia defense, he has not shown them to a degree that would warrant a first overall pick.

Another thing to keep in mind at this time of year is that teams are only too happy to spread rumors that help them. Could Jacksonville itself spread the word to find a trading partner – perhaps because someone wants to go up for Hutchinson? At the end of the day, I think the Jaguars can not find a trading partner and even choose the “safe” route, in the form of Hutchinson, the player with the highest floor in the top lane.


The Walker hype is and remains at least a notch above that in my opinion – purely from my pre-draft analysis, it could be compared to if Odafe Oweh had gone into the top 10 in the draft last year.

But artificially driven rumors or not, at this point I suppose there is at least one core of truth; and that Walker is selected in the top 5.

Not least because he would fit in on any team with a top 5 pick and serve a need. Lions will go for an edge rusher early in the draft, and Walker is perhaps more in line with Detroit management’s vision here than, say, a Kayvon Thibodeaux.


If Travon Walker is still with me, I bet the Texans will strike. But rumors are rife that Gardner is a serious option here – and a look at the Texans’ roster leaves no doubt that cornerbacking is a need. Gardner would make one side of the cover very difficult for opposing attacks to play vertically, especially.

The alternative would be the offensive line, and then Evan Neal would be my choice. Tunsil may be gone next season, Tytus Howard enters the penultimate year of his rookie deal – and Neal could easily start his NFL career on guard, he has already played that, as well as both tackles.


I see Thibodeaux’s Floor in 8th place for the Falcons – and despite the rumors, I think he’s going even earlier. The Jets invested in Carl Lawson last offseaon, which then got hurt; and even with Lawson back on the field, he lacks a No. 1 edge rusher.

Thibodeaux has that upside, and it’s important to Robert Saleh’s defense that the four – man line can dominate. With Thibodeaux, Quinnen Williams, Sheldon Rankins and Carl Lawson, Gang Green would have the means to do so.

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