What does the 2G rule mean for gyms?

Here you can find out how the 2G rule in Baden-Württemberg affects gyms. Photo: Halfpoint / Shutterstock.com

The new Corona regulation has been in force in Baden-Württemberg since 16 September 2021. In the event of high hospital occupancy, a 2G regulation also applies, which severely restricts unvaccinated persons. You can find out what the 2G rule now means for gyms and their members here.

With the new Corona Executive Order, the utilization of hospitals is now the most important key figure for further action in the fight against the corona pandemic. The hospitalization rate and intensive bedding are the key values ​​for the state government’s new three-part system. The current admissions figures for Baden-Württemberg and all other federal states can be found here.

The new three-stage warning system also comes into effect in fitness studios in Baden-Württemberg and provides the following step-by-step steps for sports facilities, swimming pools, saunas and leisure parks:

  • First stage (basic level): The first level is valid up to one Admission rate of 8.0 or a Intensive bedding of 250. At the basic level, everything remains the same in gyms and 3G rule (confirmed vaccinated, recovered or tested) still valid. 3G does not apply to outdoor areas and no further regulation applies.
  • Second step (warning level): Second phase takes effect when The admission rate for 5 consecutive weekdays is 8 reached or the Intensive bedding 2 working days in a row has a value of 250 reached. Then you apply to fitness studios tightened 3G ruleby the unvaccinated a stream Discover PCR test must. The 3G rule then applies to outdoor areas where a quick test is sufficient as evidence.
  • Third step (emergency level): The alarm level is declared in Baden-Württemberg if The admission rate for 5 consecutive weekdays is 12 reached or the Intensive bedding in 2 consecutive working days to 390 rising. From then on, it applies The 2G rule also for gyms and unvaccinated fitness members are prohibited from both enclosed and open areas.

You can still be tested for Corona for free in Germany. However, the federal government’s offer of free citizen testing is scheduled to end on October 10. Exceptions to this are persons who cannot be vaccinated or for whom there is no vaccination recommendation from the Standing Vaccination Commission. (STIKO) consists. From October 11, unvaccinated fitness members or those who require a test must pay for their coronation test themselves in order to train. We have already summarized for you in this article what corona tests can cost from October.

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Until now, visits to the gym for unvaccinated members have only meant extra time due to the testing in advance due to the test duty. From October 11, there will be an additional financial expense. If an increase in hospital occupancy leads to the 2G rule, unvaccinated members will not be able to access their gym at all. So it is not surprising that many members are wondering if they can terminate their training contract early.

Previously have shown that if the gyms close, they either close down the contracts for free or add the paid months for free to the end of the contract period. With a 2G regulation, one must expect a similar treatment from the fitness studios towards unvaccinated members.

At the request of the consumer advice, termination may in some cases be possible for unvaccinated persons due to a duty to test, which entails additional costs.(1). For example, section 313 of the BGB provides that a continuing obligation may be terminated if the circumstances of the contractual basis change significantly, are unreasonable and at the same time it is not possible to make an adjustment of the contract. In the opinion of consumer advice, paid tests can not be expected to be a disadvantage due to the corona problem.

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