What does 2G in gyms mean for members?

The corona infection process is very unevenly distributed at national level, so there are very different rules in the individual federal states. In Bavaria, the 2G regulation has been in force in gyms since 6 November. Operators can exclude unvaccinated persons from their offers.

Stricter corona rules apply nationwide (from 19 November 2021). The admission rate is used to assess whether the 2G, 2G plus or 3G rules should enter into force. If the hospitalization rate is above 3, a 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) should be in place in the respective federal state, with a frequency above 6, even 2G plus (vaccinated or recovered plus daily test) for leisure facilities, culture and sports events , gastronomy and other Services apply. This leads to an access ban for the unvaccinated in the gyms.

What do the new rules mean for fitness walkers?

For people who have been vaccinated or healthy, nothing changes if the hospitalization rate is above 3. Under the 2G rules, it is enough – just like the months before – to show his vaccination or recovery certificate to be able to work out in the gym. If hospital admissions increase to a rate of more than 6, 2G plus takes effect, and visitors must also document a daily rapid test or a PCR test no older than 48 hours. In addition, in many places it is again mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask instead of a surgical mask, and it is no longer possible to go to the sauna.

Anyone who is unvaccinated and has not recovered will from now on be denied access to gyms. The 2G rule (refund, vaccinated) applies to almost all leisure, cultural and sports facilities. In Bavaria, where the corona situation is particularly dramatic at the moment, 3G only applies in the workplace, to body-related services (with a current, negative PCR test) and at universities.

What exactly is the admission rate?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) determines and publishes the admission rate daily with the daily updated corona numbers. The rate indicates how many patients per 100,000 inhabitants are in the hospital within seven days. If the load limit and the number of intensive care units in the clinics are exceeded, stricter measures will be taken based on the admission index:1

  • admission rate of 3: 2G rules
  • Admission rate of 6: 2G-plus rules (vaccinated or restored plus current negative coronate test)
  • and Admission rate of 9: Countries can take measures such as social distancing

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Does 2G apply to fitness studios in all federal states?

The new Infection Control Act allows for a nationwide, nationwide 2G and 3G regulation with reference to the hospitalization index. If in doubt, you need to get information from your gym, check the corona regulation for the respective federal state and the daily admission rate on the RKI website.

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How do study operators rate 2G in fitness studies?

The gyms will avoid another closure at all costs. Therefore, they rely on partially strict and also tested hygiene concepts. You are prepared for the 2G rule: “Our members are active people with a high health awareness. Many have already been vaccinated or have recovered, “explains a spokeswoman for Fitness First when asked by FITBOOK. This means that if the measures are changed, a solution will also be found for non-vaccinated and non-acquired members.

At Fitness First, as in almost all studies at present, the following applies: Members must present proof that they have been vaccinated or become healthy.

Early termination or suspension of membership

With the intensified 2G and in some cases already 2G-plus measures, unvaccinated people are denied access to gyms. Anyone who still does not want to be vaccinated despite the many restrictions must, for better or worse, do without sports at school and participation in many areas of social life. Those who have not been vaccinated can contact their respective study to find out if early termination or suspension of membership is possible to avoid unnecessary payments.


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