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Of: Barbara Schlotterer-Fuchs


“I’m not sure how people will react”: Roswitha Zellner from Weilheim’s Trifthof Cinema Center. © ror

How will those in charge in shops, cinemas, gyms or leisure pools react to the abolition of the mask requirement from Sunday 3 April? We asked around the district – and met mixed feelings.

District – The mask requirement falls on Sunday. Most will allow their customers to wear masks – but by no means all with a good gut feeling.

“Plantsch” family pool in Schongau: Also in the Schongau family pool “Plantsch” this Saturday will be the last day with access restrictions and access control so far. From tomorrow, Sunday, there will be no verification check for vaccination or recovery status and there is no obligation to provide evidence of negative tests. “In the foreseeable future, access to the bathroom and sauna will be the same as before the pandemic,” says Plantsch boss Andreas Kosian. It also means that the selection of sitting and lying areas is again increased to the usual level.

Kosian is not happy with this regulation. He makes an urgent appeal to all guests: “Please do not fall into the misconception that the infection situation is now unproblematic and that infection no longer poses a potentially fatal or lifelong risk!” All guests are therefore asked, on a voluntary basis, anywhere. it is possible to continue wearing masks and to keep distance from other people as much as possible.

Bad boss appeals to personal responsibility

The Kosian even got it legally checked whether “Plantsch” could make use of some sort of housing right and make the mask mandatory – none. “Unfortunately, it is not possible for us as a public company to introduce conditions that limit the guests’ personal freedom if there is no legal basis for this.” You can therefore only appeal to the personal responsibility to protect everyone and the other guests: “Please continue to wear a mask, keep your distance and do not visit us if you are in doubt, if you notice symptoms of illness. Keep getting yourself tested regularly voluntarily, thereby helping to minimize further infections and thus the likelihood of mutations. ”

Kosian already has a gloomy warning: If the actual situation is completely ignored, it is to be expected that the situation will escalate again by the autumn and possibly become even worse than before.

Due to the risk of infection, the resumption of children’s play afternoons, full moon sauna evenings, mermaid swimming and other events in Plansch is only planned for the start of the outdoor pool season from 1 May. “Then the number of visitors will be distributed over a significantly larger area and also in the outdoor area.” Until then, the maximum number of visitors to Plantsch will continue to be limited to 592 guests. Kosian advises visitors to keep checking the number of tickets available until the end of April. In practice, however, with the exception of the Easter holiday, it is unlikely that access will be blocked.

Gym Guffanti in Peißenberg and Weilheim: From Sunday, everyone who comes to train with Peter Guffanti can decide for themselves whether they want to wear a mask in the studio or not. “But we have the feeling that at least half of our customers will stay with the mask.” The operator of two fitness studios in Peißenberg and Weilheim estimates that this should be the case at least at the entrance, in the counter area and in the changing room. Many people would be afraid of infection. Guffanti himself will continue to wear a mask when shopping, Guffanti explains – even though he has breathing problems with an FFP2 mask. Does he expect that if the mask requirement is dropped, there will be fewer discussions with customers? “Most people are sensible, there are only a few who talk stupid.”

Fashion store “Frauenzimmer” in Schongau: Maria Mader from the fashion store “Frauenzimmer” in Schongau would also like to continue wearing the mask in the supermarket. In her shop, she wants to give customers the freedom to wear a mask – after all, her shop is quite manageable in size. Should many customers come at once, Mader would naturally like to react. “Right now, I just let it all come to me,” she explains. Personally, the retailer believes “that it will be strange for everyone in the beginning, without a mask”. Especially due to the high number of infections, she is also convinced that many will continue to wear masks.

Edeka Fink and Weilheim: Ludwig Fink, who runs an Edeka market on Kanalstraße in Weilheim, hopes many of his customers will continue to wear masks. “We put up a poster and would recommend customers to wear a mask,” he explains. Fink personally finds that the demand for the removal of the mask at this time is premature. Of course, the requirement to fall mask saves him and the staff from discussions and hassles. “However, I hope that my employees do not get sick. We now bear the higher risk. ” In any case, Fink and his team will continue to wear masks for self-protection.

Trifthof Cinema Center Weilheim: At Roswitha Zellner, who runs the Trifthof cinema center in Weilheim, there are many question marks. “I’m still a little unsure of how people will react.” Lots of people without masks in the cinema hall: some of them may not be able to imagine it anymore. For Zellner and her movie crew, the following means: Vaccination status will no longer be checked on Sundays. “It saves a job.” But business has already declined sharply due to the pandemic, Zellner says. She herself will continue to wear a mask, she explains. Your staff is protected behind glass panes.

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Zellner would also like to continue to offer cinema-goers a degree of protection: If you want to keep your distance, at least one free space is left for the next visitor. “We like to react to people.” And a good ventilation system must also ensure more safety. “I have no idea how people feel,” Zellner says. In fact, it’s actually like this: In theory, all visitors to the late-night performance on Saturday night at midnight should rip their masks off their faces. The reactions need to be seen.

Furniture Centrale Schongau and Penzberg: “As we are not willing to make our own laws, we will no longer be required to wear a mask from Monday,” said Lena Wipfler, spokeswoman for MöbelCentrale. It is the responsibility of customers and employees whether they want to wear a mask or not. “Of course, feel free to continue with this.”

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