Werder Bremen in grades against Schalke 04: Excellent! Five times 1st class!

SV Werder Bremen clearly won the top match against FC Schalke 04 4: 1 and showed a strong performance. The players in the individual review – with grades.

Jiri Pavlenka: Had almost nothing to do in the first half because Werder defended well and the home team strikers were often offside. When the men in front let the reins slide a little after 4-0, he was more challenged, made a strong save again (80th) and had to swallow the goal shortly after. class 2

Nicolai Rapp: Defended to the right in the back three and let himself be run over once, after which he failed and got a yellow card early (6th). A little more stable after that, though he still gives his opponents too much freedom too often. Back on the six in the final phase after being switched into May. Note 3

Marco Friedl: New Chief of Defense in the absence of Ömer Toprak and Christian Groß. Had the chance to make it 2-0 with a header (13 ‘), so lucky not to see his tenth yellow card after a foul on Terodde (45’). Organized the defense very well and was there when needed. Grade 1.5

Werder Bremen score against Schalke 04: Mitchell Weiser and Ilia Gruev extremely strong

Anthony Young: Shared the difficult task of eliminating Schalke’s top scorer Simon Terodde with Friedl. Understandably, this was not always the case, but surprisingly often. All in all, a successful performance in a somewhat unusual position in the last row. class 2

Mitchell Weiser (until 85.): Defensively with some difficulty in the beginning, but offensively hugely eye-catching. Started the Bremen opening goal with a shot from long range, crossed wonderfully to Füllkrug before the second goal. Later also with some successful dribbles and sliding tackles. Grade 1.5

Ilia Gruev (until 78.): Back in the starting 11 as six and immediately in the spotlight as he switched lightning fast after a shot from Weiser and dusted his head to take the lead – his first goal in the second division. This gave him enormous security, at the head office he was a banker. Eventually plagued by seizures. Grade 1.5

Felix Agu (until 85.): He repeatedly put accents on the left wing and did not let himself be thrown off track by a violent error from Drexler – which was not even warned. A very decent performance. Grade 2.5

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Werder Bremen score against Schalke 04: Marvin Ducksch with a hoop despite accidents with aluminum

Roman Schmid (until 61.): The lively Austrian was certainly a source of trouble occupying Schalke’s ambush. Although the really big actions were missing and he was unlucky to finish a few times, his little needle sticks were valuable that afternoon. Note 3

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Leonardo Bittencourt: Challenged the ball, distributed it often smartly, but also went where it hurt. Fell far behind in eighth place, which visibly benefited the Bremen game that day. A strong performance after weaker weeks. class 2

Marvin Ducksch (up to 78.): Accident again when he first hit the post in the first round and after the break (28./48.). Shortly before the break, his lob just did not find its way to goal. But then he was rewarded for his strong performance as he put a buckle together within minutes and made the entire stadium quiet with the exception of the guest block. Note 1

Nicla’s filling jug: Worked a lot, threw himself into it, saved a number of balls – and made it almost 1-1 to Schalke with a bad pass (22nd). Only minutes later he was there as he completed an excellent move by the visitors to make it 2-0. Later, it prepared the first Ducksch hit, which finally clarified which storm duo should be the best that day. Note 1

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Werder Bremen score against Schalke 04: Substitute Niklas Schmidt shows commitment

Nicholas Schmidt (from 61.): Immediately noticeable with cross, but it was really strong how he sprinted back exemplary after even losing the ball and even stroking his mistake (72.). Note 3

Eren Dinkci (from 78th): Still had the chance to make it 5-0 (82nd). Grade –

Lars Luke May (from 78.): Was allowed to prove something against Terodde, who then scored anyway. Grade: –

Oscar Schoenfelder (from 85.): Short performance to celebrate. Grade: –

Manuel Mbom (from 85.): Got a few more minutes of use. Grade: –

Regarding the draft text of 22. April 2022:

Werder Bremen start eleven against Schalke 04: This is the line-up for the top match

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen have major defensive concerns ahead of the top match of FC Schalke 04. Following the mistakes of Milos Veljkovic (muscle tear), Ömer Toprak (calf) and Christian Groß (Corona), coach Ole Werner must rebuild his starting eleven. This is what the line-up against Schalke could look like.

Update (April 9 at 12:30 p.m.): Now the row of SV Werder Bremen is there – Anthony Jung and Nicolai Rapp start next to Marco Friedl! The entire starting lineup is available in the live ticker for the Werder Bremen match against FC Schalke 04!

Continue to previous text: There was too much this time at the last workout SV Werder Bremen on the steps of the spectators, but a fan would not miss the opportunity on Friday afternoon and had a special message ready. As the professionals left the field and trudged back towards the stadium, the one-man choir started: “Come on, get the win, it’s your game,” he shouted with an impressive volume. team. Almost scared, the players looked at the caller, they really had not expected that. So the cheerleader was heard – but whether his scream has an effect will be seen on Saturday. Then Werder must go to the front runner FC Schalke 04 to the absolute top games of the 2nd league (13.30 in DeichStube live ticker). And again with some changes in line up.

Werder Bremen line-up against FC Schalke 04: Start eleven with modified emergency defense

To Omer Toprak to SV Werder Bremen would lack stood clear for a long time. Also failure of Milos Veljkovic was already safe. But when the Bremen kickers just started their training, the club also announced Christian Groß’s corona infection and his last lack of consideration. Thus, Marco Friedl is the last remaining member of the three-chain regular cast, next to him to oppose Schalke 04 in starts eleven be improvised. There should have been much better signs of such an important duel in the promotion race.

The most likely starts elevenSolution against FC Schalke 04 is one with a lot of playing rhythm and a little joy in experimenting. Instead of picking up the recently weak Lars Lukas Mai, the head coach should Ole Werner in Anthony Jung and Nicolai Rapp retire two of his players who have also been on the field a lot lately. And more importantly: who still knows how to be in home defense actions. This eliminates the question of whether Mitchell Weiser or Felix Agu will play on the flanks – they should both do it again, as they did against St. Louis. Pauli, when Jung was absent due to a yellow card expulsion. stays in line up of SV Werder Bremen nor the place on the sixth, which is to be relocated after the big end and the Rapp castling. Here, the choice should fall on Ilia Gruev, who has recently been given significantly more playing time and is now possibly facing her biggest test to date.

Werder Bremen line-up against Schalke 04: Start XI probably again with Leonardo Bittencourt

How difficult as a team to handle so many changes in starts eleven ice, recently showed the home game against SV Darmstadt 98. At the time had to Werder Bremen in line up also defensively rebuild significantly and had a very difficult time in the initial phase. There was no flow in the game for a long time, instead the focus was on safety. That only changed when an early firing against the Hessians caused a different division of roles on the pitch. In the end, Werder won 1-0.

The golden goal was scored by Niclas Füllkrug, who will attack next to Marvin Ducksch, even though he recently experienced a small low goal. Behind are Romano Schmid and Leonardo Bittencourt in starts eleven of SV Werder Bremen put creative accents. The latter has not always performed so well in recent times, and Niklas Schmidt is available as an alternative. To Ole Werner in line up but also to screw on this part of the shaft is quite unlikely. Because op Schalke Experience is also required, and Bittencourt will undoubtedly take it with him. After all, there are more than 62,000 spectators top games in the rows. It should be much higher than during the unmistakable fan intermission at the last training session. (mbü) Have you read it? RUHR24 reports what Schalke 04’s starting eleven against Werder Bremen could look like!

This is what SV Werder Bremen’s starting eleven against FC Schalke 04 could look like.

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