This week, Samsung Galaxy headphones and smartwatches are cheaper than ever

There are some Samsung Galaxy deals on Amazon this week. You can secure headphones and smartwatches at particularly low prices.

Samsung is now one of the absolute market leaders when it comes to smartphones. Especially the premium series Samsung Galaxy stands out. In recent years, the South Korean company has also made great strides in other areas. These include above all headphones and smart watches. Both and more are for sale on Amazon this week.

For Samsung Galaxy deals on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at the lowest price

With Galaxy Buds Samsung will shake the headphone market. The flagship model is Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. These in-ear headphones work wirelessly and provide a lot of freedom.

Despite their small size, they have active noise reductionso your music does not get annoying when you are on the go background noise is disturbed. Alternatively, you can also turn off the noise reduction so you can still hear the traffic around you.

Of sound in itself is another highlight. who Galaxy Buds Pro tried it, quickly forgets that he only has two small buttons in his ear. Rich bass and a balanced sound music, Call and movie always sounds just right. thanks to built-in microphones you also have your hands free when making calls.

that Galaxy Buds Pro is beyond that IPX7 protected against water, are also suitable for jogging or in the gym. With power 93.99 euros Amazon offers best price on the market. The version in white actually still existed never so cheap! In addition, Buds Pro is still with black, silver and violet available. The charging case is of course included.

Click here and get Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro for only 93.99 euros from Amazon

Cheap alternative: Galaxy Buds 2

On the other hand, they are a little cheaper Samsung Galaxy Buds 2. However, these headphones are similar to the Pro models in almost every respect. Battery life is a bit shorter, but still good. In addition, Buds 2 is right behind IPX2 protected from water. It’s enough for rain or short sports sessions, but you can not immerse them. Active noise reduction is on board, but you can not turn it off.

But the sound is also excellent and especially for people with relatively small ears, may even be better advised with Galaxy Buds 2. All in all, these are something lighter and tested to fit smaller ears. that Galaxy Buds 2 can you come in white, black, green and purple sure, the charging case is of course included. Amazon also offers here 79.99 euros that current best price.

Get your Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 on Amazon now

At Saturn, you can save up to 600 euros, especially with powerful gaming laptops

Wrist companion: Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

smart watches is now a part of everyday life. Wrist space is still great for telling time, but smartwatches show how much more is possible. that Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is not popular here for nothing.

To design is first class, pleasantly discreet and yet of high quality. The dial can of course be customized. With Smartwatch you can control music, read messages and reply and even make a phone call.

In addition, the watch checks your health status using your blood pressure and oxygen saturation. If you use the smartwatch overnight, yours will do it sleep stages tracked so you can learn more about your sleep. Athletes are also happy with the excellent tracking on many different sport.

There are two options for the bracelet: black and silver. These are available in 42 mm and 46 mm widths. The variants with 42 mm existed never cheaper than those currently seen by Amazon 168.99 euros! The 46 mm versions are used for 194.99 euros offered what current best price funds.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Click here and secure your Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic for only 168.99 euros at Amazon

Alternative for sports fans

For something more sporty Design puts Samsung on Galaxy Watch 4. We do not find the metal frame here, but the standard version of the Watch4 also looks a bit more modern. You can also order the smartwatch in green to match.

Of interior design Both models are the same as one egg in the other. All the benefits of Classic can also be found here. If for you functionality come first, you should definitely rely on the standard Watch4.

This is currently available on Amazon absolute best price only from 139.99 euros. You pay other dealers at least 20 euros more. Even in historical comparison, the smartwatch was only available for a few euros less for a short time.

Get your Samsung Galaxy Watch4 on Amazon now

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