This is how gyms create a distance of two and a half meters


This is how gyms create a distance of two and a half meters

Fitness on the squash court: Kevin Nafar, a member of the management of Kaifu Lodge, is aware of the distance between the machines.

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Gyms are allowed to reopen. Kaifu-Lodge, Hamburg’s largest center with more than 10,000 members, has renovated the facility.

Hamburg. The message from town hall surprised. Already allowed from today Wednesday Hamburg about 340 fitness centers again to opencommercial and club-owned if crucial concepts for hygiene, distance, ventilation, hospitalization, registration of athletes. What pleases the approximately 400,000 members still presents logistical problems for some operators. Most had not expected that their trade would be released before June 1st.

However, the Senate repealed the regulation, which was previously in force until 31 May, with immediate effect. Sports halls and gyms can also be used again. Saunas and wellness areas remain closed, but changing rooms and showers are allowed individually. Outdoor pools are allowed to open on June 2, as are their kiosks. Competition and contact sports are still banned. Exceptions can be found for professionals upon request.

Elixia is waiting to open, ETV starts on Wednesday

“We are basically prepared based on the well-known hygiene rules in other federal states, but as we do not yet know the Hamburg concept in detail, it is difficult to say when we will open. Safety first is our motto here, instead of acting (too soon) quickly, ”says Heiko Pfeifer, managing partner of Elixia Vitalclub in Langenhorn. The Fitness First chain is again offering courses from 2 June.

“There will be a membership and time limit for training in our clubs so that we can enable as many people as possible to train,” says Johannes Maßen, Director Operations at Fitness First. The Eimsbütteler Turnverband (ETV), with 16,000 members, is Hamburg’s largest mass sports club, starting today. “For many of our study members, unit training is important for their health,” says ETV President Frank Fechner. There can be a maximum of 30 people in the premises on the main road at the same time.

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In Kaifu Lodge opposite, Hamburg’s largest fitness center with more than 10,000 members, renovation work had also begun in the past few weeks. Because the National Board of Health’s required distance to indoor sports activities has now been increased from 1.5 to 2.5 meters due to the greater risk of infection in enclosed premises, employees had to take action again on Tuesday. “We are very fortunate to have enough space in our facility,” said Kevin Nafar, who forms the management team along with Birgit Wenzel.

Awaiting the city’s hygiene regulations

Both are now waiting for the city’s precise hygiene regulations, which were not yet available on the internet on Tuesday night. The purchase of dispensers for disinfectants and plexiglass walls already costs around 20,000 euros. “We are very well prepared for everything that comes. We start again on June 1 at eight o’clock. Finally, ”says Wenzel. Since the membership fees for April and May were not charged, the club had meanwhile offered several interactive video courses, and customers have probably not been exposed to serious inconveniences in recent months, so the rule of due diligence also applies here.

Like Kaifu-Lodge, all operators try to implement the official orders precisely so that they do not have to fear the closure of their club during the expected police checks. At 7350 square meters, the Eimsbütteler Center can easily distribute training equipment such as dumbbells, cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, spinning and bicycles on three floors, also on the eight squash courts that are currently closed. Pursuit of the fast return game is still prohibited due to the increased risk of contact and infection. The two windowless of the seven studios will be closed, the necessary ventilation of the rooms can not be guaranteed here.

If you want to join, you must register on the website

284 fitness courses per week, the most comprehensive offering worldwide, is a trademark of Kaifu Lodge. While members only have to do without a few units, the number of courses is reduced to 175. In addition, only a third of the former participants are allowed to attend. Ten square meters of space are required for everyone. Up to 40 people can jump, dance, stretch, stretch and relax on yoga mats in the outdoor area of ​​Kaifu outdoor pool. In order not to disturb the neighbors, headphones are distributed at the reception for these courses, where the instructors’ instructions and music can be heard.

Contact tracing for suspected cases remains important in Corona times. Since almost all gyms are electronically accessible, registration should not be a problem. Kaifu-Lodge will initially allow its members to enter the facility for 90 minutes a day and has set aside eleven time intervals from 6:30 to 23:00. A maximum of 500 guests is allowed per. castle, with up to 2000 visitors a day in the past, there should be no bottlenecks. If you want to come and take courses, you must register on the website.

“We can adapt our concept as needed,” says Kevin Nafar. “We are all looking forward to training together again – at a distance.”

What is allowed, what is not allowed? Questions to the mayor:

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, at 07.19

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