This is changing in Bavaria with immediate effect by smart fit, INJOY & Co.

  • Gyms in Bavaria: announces Söder Corona loosens from Thursday (17/02/2022)
  • 3G rule decided: unvaccinated (with negative test) have for the first time in months access again
  • Relief for the vaccinated and recovered: The Corona test obligation no longer applies
  • Smart fit, INJOY & Co .: Gymnastics chains respond with relief

The 3G rule will apply in the Bavarian fitness studios from Thursday (February 17). This means that unvaccinated members can train on site again for the first time in a long time – provided they can show a negative coronary test result. However, the corona test obligation for vaccinated and healthy individuals is no longer valid. The new access rules have met with approval from the major fitness chains smart fit and INJOY.

3G in the gym: It changes for the vaccinated, unvaccinated and those who have recovered

According to the Bavarian state government, recent developments indicate that the omicron wave has reached its peak and may have already exceeded it. As a result of the change in the course of infection, several easing of the corona virus will take effect on Thursday.

According to the report from the ministerial meeting, Bayern’s fitness studios will in future be available under 3G conditions. Most recently, the 2G-plus rule had been in place there for several months: therefore, only those who had recovered and those vaccinated with a negative test had access. Only those who were boosted gained access to their study without proof of a test.

The new 3G rule now brings noticeable relief to most fitness center members: Vaccinated and recovered people can now train without current test evidence. Unvaccinated people return to their study with a negative test result.

Smart fit facilitated by corona solution: “We are very happy”

The gymnastics chain smart fit responded with noticeable relief to the changed access rules. “Although our (gym) everyday life is still determined by restrictions, we are very happy with this step,” says PR and press manager Christiane Enzelberger With.

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Clever fit let memberships of people who were not allowed to go to gyms for the last few weeks and months because of the rules. The members concerned would not have paid contributions for this period.

“It obviously led to a painful drop in sales on our part,” Enzelberger explains. “But we have at least been able to retain our members and look forward to welcoming them back to the studios.”

INJOY Spokesman: “I think it’s the right move”

Also in INJOY fitness centers the corona solution meets approval. “Basically, it is positive for us when more normality comes back to the country and all members and customers are allowed to train again,” says Thorsten Kielmann. As Chief Consultant at ACISO Fitness & Health GmbH, he is responsible for the INJOY studies.

At the same time, he admits: “We have some respect for the situation that vaccinated and non-vaccinated people face, but it will happen in all areas in the future.” Nevertheless, he views the future of 3G regulation positively. “I think that’s the right move.”

In the meantime, there have been no significantly more redundancies on the part of members than usual. INJOY spokesman’s conclusion: “Less active, ie training customers, but good attendance figures of those who have trained so far.”

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