These are the rules of the USFL

Munich – United States Football League (USFL) makes a comeback on April 16. Already between 1982 and 1986, there was a rival league called the USFL along with the big NFL.

The then USFL started with a different set of rules than the NFL. As a result, however, some of these rules were also enacted in the NFL and have been established there.

The NFL copied the Coaches Challenge

The Coaches Challenge was, among other things, an idea from the former USFL and is still an integral and important part of the NFL. The rules for the newly formed USFL also differ in part from the NFL’s.

Here are four of the most important new rules that the USFL will launch with. And who knows, maybe the rules will be so well received that the NFL will copy something from the new league again.

Three point attempt after touchdown

After a team has scored a touchdown, they are given the opportunity to score either one, two or three more points. The extra point, also known from the NFL, is identical: The teams kick from the 15-yard line after the snap. The two-point conversion has – as usual – started at the two-yard line.

In the USFL, teams will also have the opportunity to try to reach than zone from ten yards and earn three points. This idea is new – there is no equivalent in the NFL. This allows teams to get a total of nine points from a touchdown and attempts from the ten-yard line.

A gap of 18 points would still be a match with two scores for the team behind. In the NFL, this is the case with a maximum of 16 points, with teams achieving two touchdowns and a two-point conversion each.

Onside kick option

Although USFL teams can still take an onside kick, there will be another way to maintain ball possession after a goal.

The teams have the choice of starting a 4th and 12th game from their own 33-yard line. If they go 12 yards on one game, they keep the ball. If they do not, the other team gets the game tool where the offense was brought down.

A similar rule even existed at the Pro Bowl in the NFL. At the time, teams had the opportunity to play in 4th and 15th place on their own 25-yard line to maintain ball possession.

Overtime Shootout

While the NFL has recently revised its overtime rules, the USFL has a completely revolutionary approach. The idea here is that each team gets three tackles from the opposite two-yard line.

Two points are awarded for each successful attempt in the goal zone. If the score is still a draw after each team has had three ball possessions, the format will go into sudden death. As soon as one team scores and the other does not, the winner is announced.

The coin toss that the visiting team may announce determines who gets the first ball possession. As in the NFL, the winner of the coin toss can decide who gets the ball first.

Two forward passes

USFL teams are also allowed two forward passes behind the line of scrimmage on a game. Only one forward pass is allowed in the NFL.

This rule revolution will bring more variety to team playbooks, and USFL viewers can watch more trick games than they are used to seeing in the NFL.

This ultimately also allows for a return to the quarterback. This rule originally existed in the XFL in 2020.

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