The Burkickers: Michael Rummenigge builds for Khedira and Co.

Munich – How do you make your business model work even better than before during the Corona crisis? Michael Rummenigge must laugh when asked to answer this question. With his company Trendsport Rummenigge, he is capable of just that. “We have an incredible number of inquiries,” says the 56-year-old in an interview with AZ. Also and especially by football professionals. Because together with his friend and business partner Arnd Schade, Rummenigge specializes in the construction of small squares.

“Artificial grass, goals, boards, nets – including the subsoil. We offer everything from a single source,” explains Rummenigge: “It starts with 40 x 20 meters and goes down to the size of a roof terrace.” Business has been booming since Mo Dahoud gave a glimpse of his “home office” – a mini-court on the roof terrace completely covered in nets – during the obligatory Bundesliga break. Borussia Dortmund’s midfielder is not the first professional that Rummenigge has made such a football cage for.

It was Sami Khedira who, two and a half years ago, had his penthouse apartment in Turin expanded with a custom-made football pitch, which is adorned with a logo with his initials and the tops of the clubs. Khedira’s pitch can also be easily converted into a football tennis court. There are no limits to individual desires. “We can plan quickly,” says Rummenigge, “which can be built relatively quickly within 14 days.”

Ex-Bayer Sandro Wagner is now one of the cage parks. “He had a really nice outdoor space built on his property in Unterhaching,” reveals Rummenigge. Wagner had a basketball hoop mounted over the goal, the ribbons adorn the DFB and Bayern logos as well as the names of his children.

Michael Rummenigge, burkongen

Since 2005, Rummenigge and his company have planned and implemented well over 100 such systems across Europe. Depending on special needs, the cost is usually between 5,000 and 50,000 euros. Anyone who wants to explore Rummenigge’s crafts in Munich can do so at the Sportscheck facility in Unterföhring. “We built a football hall where there used to be horseback riding and Boris Becker trained,” says Rummenigge, the king of the cage.

Rummenigge has no worries that orders may fall after the Corona crisis. “That with the professionals is an extra business,” he says, “then we just build normal seats out again.” The demand is obviously there – among young and old. ” Even Franz (Beckenbauer, ed.) has a place in Salzburg. On the slope right next to his house, “says Rummenigge,” but unfortunately we have not built it. “

Padel tennis, the new trend sport

And Rummenigge has long identified the next trend sport for which he and his company are building courts: paddle tennis. Some professional footballers have liked this mix of squash and tennis, including Bayern’s Javi Martínez, his ex-teammate Mats Hummels and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who have even opened a paddle center in Jönköping, Sweden. Jürgen Klopp even describes paddle tennis as his favorite sport and regularly uses the court in Liverpool FC’s club facilities. “This sport will now come to Germany,” said Rummenigge, who also runs a paddle tennis court in his football hall.

He especially regrets that the plant in Münster must currently remain closed. Otherwise, the ex-profession is still there every Wednesday night. “Of course, it’s all a bit lacking now: the table football, the subsequent regulars’ table history and a beer or two.”

His brother Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also likes to play with from time to time. In 2014, for example, FC Bayern’s CEO took the opportunity to do so during the Munich Cup match against Preußen Münster. The space niggers together on the pitch. Almost as before. “We had no cell phones, no internet,” remembers Michael Rummenigge, “there was school, and then my brothers Kalle, Wolfgang and I went out to play football – every day”. Then three against three or four against four were played. “In principle, what we did then on the street is exactly the same as it is now in these small squares,” says Rummenigge: “And it’s still fun, even if it gets hard on the knees.”

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